Nothing But Quilts Talked of From Now Until Next April

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Nothing But Quilts Talked of From Now Until Next April
  • Crumb, Edith
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This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner and Thread and Thimble Club. This column includes the excitement that is being expressed by many about the upcoming quilt show. There is also a request to have letters sent to a shut in.
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Nothing But Quilts Talked of From Now Until Next April
By Edith B Crumb
From now on you Quilt Club Cornerites better know all of the answers because I am going to ask question after question and find out all you have to tell about the quilts. 
The other day I made a good start. Mrs. Bertha Landeck, 334 Burk Avenue, River Rouge, called up to going out Mrs. A.E. May’s ad dress and before we finished our conversation I found out that Mrs. Landeck had made her first quilt when he was 12 years old and since then she has made 81 quilts and she is still young. Think of that! Wouldn’t it be ideal if Mrs. Landeck could have all 81 of those quilts on display which is to be held on April 16, 17, and 18?

An Old Friend
Mrs. Landeck’s reason for wanting Mrs. May’s address (which is 6242 Hussar street, Detroit) was that she used to know her years ago and when she saw her name in the paper on Christmas Day she realized there would be an opportunity to renew the old friendship. I know that Mrs. May will be delighted to see Mrs. Landeck for she has been ill for four and a half years and the call of a friend or a cheery card means a great deal to her.

It was Mrs. May to whom Mrs. Victoria Allor, 1089 Lakeview avenue, loaned the wheel chair so that she could have Christmas dinner with her husband and son.

Mrs. Allor is very ill also. Here is question No. 1. Why don’t you send cards to Mrs. May and Mrs. Allor Think what a heap of joy the cards would bring to these two shut-ins. Mrs. May is an industrious quilt maker and has many tops made from Detroit News patterns, as well as some others from very handsome as some others from very handsome designs. You don’t have to worry about whether your card is pretty or nor for I know that Mrs. May will be just as happy as I am to receive one of those penny postals. You would be surprised to see how much you can get on one of those cards. Ellen Leonard can write just volumes on one. You should see how small she writes- but how much!
Next week the Q.C. editor will be in Chicago attending previews of all that is new in furniture, rugs, draperies, and everything for the home; but she expects to be back in town bright and early Friday morning so as you be at the first meeting of the new year for quilters.

Will You Help?
Now, there is just one thing that will make her happy on her return and that is to find a big stack of mail on her desk. Why not use some of those pennies you have been saving for a postal card or two. Another question. I told you so!
She wants to know what quilts you are making what ones you are going to enter in the show and how many how old, you were when you made your first quilt and anything you can think of that would be interesting to the other quilt makers. So if you do not see any quilt news next Thursday you will know why. Jan 8., and then look for the news on Saturday, Jan. 0.

Cornerites Birthdays
Jan 6. Mrs. Bertha Landeck 334 Burk Avenue, River Rouge, Mich.
Jan 7, Mors. Dora Rennis 1954 Twenty-third street, Detroit
Jan 8, Mrs. Arthur D Doan Box 213 3141 Auburn Avenue, Auburn Heights, Mich.
Jan 8, Mrs. David Gustafson 2622 Wendell Avenue, Detroit.
Jan 10, Mrs. Jos Pomorski, Route No. 2 Howell, Mich.
Jan 10, Mrs. Orina Whitman 125 Highland avenue, Lake Orion, Mich.
Jan. 11 Mrs. Helen B Risser 1837 Temple Avenue, Long Beach, Calif.
Jan 11, Mrs. Thomas Gray, 1027 Dewey Street, Plymouth, Mich.

These Members Belong to Quilt Club Corner
Mrs. D Garvey
8669 Winfield Ave

Mrs. Susie Glaser
8310 Wisner Ave

Mrs. Marion Morris Goodman
443 Lenox Ave

Mrs. Louise Moray
14830 Trinity Ave

Mrs. Dora Plank
2748 Twenty-fifth St.

Mrs. Grace McKinney
R.F.D No. 1 Pompeii, Mich.

Florence McGinnies
2633 Garland Ave

Mrs. James G McKinnon
290 N Paddock Ave
Pontiac, Mich.

Mrs. Rella McKown
322 W Parent Ave
Royal Oak, Mich.

Mrs. Jeanne McLean
1450 Baldwin Ave

Emma E McLeary
325 Brush St
Toledo, Ohio


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