Twenty Thousand Buyers Flock to Furniture Mart

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Twenty Thousand Buyers Flock to Furniture Mart
  • Crumb, Edith
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This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner and Thread and Thimble Club. This column includes the description of furniture designers selling at a furniture market in Detroit.
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Twenty Thousand Buyers Flock to Furniture Mart
News Beauty in Home Editor Finds New Patterns and Woods in Models Soon to be Seen Here
By Edith B Crumb
Chicago- Jan. 6- Were it not for a brand new 1937 calendar one would surely think that we were moving around here at the Chicago Furniture Mart in a 1929 dream- when buying and selling were carried on in such a stupendous manner.
With 20,000 optimistic buyers arriving from all sections of the United States, it has been estimated that approximately $50,000,000 worth of new furniture will go out from this market to the retail dealers eventually to embellish the homes of America.

Here at one of America’s largest furniture markets we find more than a thousand carloads of new samples for display.
Gilbert Rohde considered one of America’s foremost industrial designers, in addressing the members of the Press Club, pointed to the fact that we are living in an unusual era. In this present modern movement, he said, we are developing something that will express the living characteristics of our age just as the Chinese expressed theirs, the Persians theirs, and Greeks, and the Goths theis, in centuries past.

Soon in Detroit
Within a few weeks we will have the opportunity of seeing contemporary designs by Rohde in one of our Detroit stores. What has formerly been just one more display will under this design supervision, be transformed to a modern interior which will be proof to the practicability and attractiveness of this type of decoration.
Another important name in contemporary design is Alfona Bach, who has done some interesting things in birch with a bleached finish.  This is of bent wood construction and although it offers a maximum of comfort, it is scaled to a size which is adaptable to the smaller rooms of today. The bent wood allows for grace of line which takes the furniture out of the box life pieces which were so prevalent not so very long ago. This furniture is made in units, such as a four-piece sofa which may be distributed about the room into different groupings. This furniture is designed with a view to flexibility so that there need be no sameness from year to year.

Old and New Another modern designer has combined the old with the new, for he offers us a gate leg table with bent tubular base and dull finish black top, with piano hinges.

The metal furniture for summer is going to be gay but more comfortable than ever. Instead of straight flat backs, there are curved backs of metal with pin perforations. Two smart designs are seen in a circular beverage table (all metal) with good sized rubber tired wheels on two legs, and a big circular table for poker with tubular supports slanting toward tubular ring which not only hold these supports, but it is to be used as a foot rest.

A glimpse at the housekeeping linens reveals a new tea towel made of rayon, cotton, and linen, which will lessen the housekeeper’s labors, because it is so absorbent that dish wiping can be done in half the time. 


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