Chicago, Jan. 7- Discovers made at the furniture market yesterday,

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Chicago, Jan. 7- Discovers made at the furniture market yesterday,
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This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner and Thread and Thimble Club. This column speaks of the popularity of blonde colored furniture in the 1937 furniture sale.
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New Blond Woods Lead in Furniture Popularity
Big Exhibition of Merchandise Shows that Manufacturers Finish Fine Old Woods in Light Hues
By Edith B Crumb

Chicago, Jan. 7- Discovers made at the furniture market yesterday,
That home-furnishers was well as gentleman prefer blondes. A southern furniture manufacturer is featuring a series of three blond mahogany room setting and meeting with success.

There are three tints of blond mahogany the natural, which is the lightest and pickled which is the intermediate and the Suntone which is the deepest. This is about the color of parchment.

Nothing faddy in the way of design has been attempted the friendly traditional Chippendale and Sheraton influence have been the inspiration for this furniture, giving it the promise of a long and happy life.
The opportunity to have something new and yet be traditional is just what so many have starched for so long- so no wonder the sales on this line mounted high.

The furniture is shown in this illustration against a setting which is flattering to this blonde mahogany which is the Suntone. The floor covering is reseda green and the walls are treated with paper having a modernized crystal design in Reseda green and off white on a yellow ground.

Brings out Grain
The oval extension table with tapering legs, Chippendale handle back type chairs, corner cupboard, buffet, and serving table show a selection of the finest wood, excellent craftsmanship and that infinite patience has been used to achieve the finish which brings outs so delicately the beauty of the mahogany grain.
Another setting in this same exhibit shows a living room with picked blond mahogany upholstery in rich brown, beige and blue gold upholstery against green walls. The draperies are light apricot damask, the floor covering being a deeper apricot.
The lightest or natural blond mahogany is shown in bedroom furniture against a medium light blue wall and deeper blue floor covering. The draperies in this scheme are blue and yellow chintz and the bed spreads are dusty pink and yellow. It is all very delicate and lovely.

Williamsburg Influence
Another large line of furniture which has been inspired by that of the Williamsburg Restoration. It is an adaption rather and a copy or reproduction and has been designed with a view to keeping the charm of the old with the addition of the comfort of the new.

Another discovery- that box firms are now taking orders from stores for Christmas gift boxes for next year. Imagine that! Here we are still looking at our 1936 gift boxes and the merchants are already worrying about what they are going to put our presents in next year.

You should see the new cellophane. They are about 24 inches long and designed to help you keep away from drink. A big help! They are mute and all coolers are very amusing.
Next summer’s lawn umbrella (some of them, at least) are wired so that they may be illuminated at center top, thus making out of door hunches possible any hour of the day or night.

Four out of door dining there are polished pourly shells which may be used with dessert dishes or butter plates. With these are all pearl knives, forks and spoons.
Fint circular beach pillows come stacked in a light wood case, which may be used for a small table. These are designed to enable you to get down to earth.

Even the ivy is to be helped along with a white metal tub, out of which grow a large, cone like spiral to show the ivy just where to go. 


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