Latest News and Chatter from Our Big Quilt Club

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Latest News and Chatter from Our Big Quilt Club
  • Crumb, Edith
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This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner and Thread and Thimble Club. This column speaks of the health and attendance of various members of the Quilt club corner who regularly attend the weekly meetings. It also includes a birthday list of members for the beginning part of January.
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Latest News and Chatter from Our Big Quilt Club
By Edith B Crumb
In spite of the rain yesterday, there was a good gathering of Quilt Club Cornerites at the first session of the new year, and almost every one there had the pattern for the new Bridal Bouquet quilt pattern. Next week we hope to see some of the blocks all finished.

Mrs. Perry E Tripp, 1222 Maryland Avenue, Grosse Pointe Park, brought in the top of her Mother Goose quilt and I have urged her to finish I so that she can enter it in the show in April for I want every one of you to see it, for it is so original.
For example, the quilt on My Son John’s bed is really a little quilt made of small squares and appliqued and even quilted. Then everyone on the quilt has nice pink cheeks, which ws done by using the darning stitch with fine pink silk thread. The hats on the little girls were embroidered to look like straw. The joining stripes are medium and blue and Mrs. Tripp intends to put a white border on this and then it in blue.

She used the design for the Mother Goose block on bibs for Christmas presents. Her mother in law Mrs. Richard Tripp, who lives at 977 W Warren avenue, has made nine quilts this last year and she is 87 years old. She just loves to piece quilts and gets up at 5 o’clock in the morning so as to get an early start. Now we certainly want Mrs. Tripp to put all nine of those quilts in the show next April and if she makes another top or even a whole quilt between now and then we certainly want that too.
Mrs. Kaye Clark, 3100 Wright Bertha Dyer,68 Frederick St, Hamilton, Ontario, as a visitor yesterday afternoon.

Mrs. Mae McGrew says that she has had a note from Mrs. Charlotte Henthorn, who now lives at 122 Kenwood Avenue. Rochester, NY, and I know that many of you will be glad to have Mrs. Henthorn’s address so that you can drop her a little note. She will certainly be delighted to know all of the quilt news and she wants you to know that she has a new daughter who was born June 2.

Mrs. A Klein (who never misses a Friday Afternoon) is making blocks for a friendship quilt which is to be given by the members of the Ladies Guild of Luther Memorial Evangelical Church, 10433 E Warren Avenue, to the pastor’s wife, Mrs. Franklin Madsen. This was planned to be a surprise, but someone let the cat out of the bag and inasmuch as Mrs. Madsen knew about it they told her she ought to pick out the colors. It is a Dresden Plate pattern in green and white wedges on a yellow block. On each wedge a name will be embroidered; but right now Mrs. Klein is going to see to it that the quilt top is ready to have the names written on it.

Mrs. Velma Fiddick, 5101 , Helen, has finally finished that Block quilt that she started one Sunday not so long ago. Every print block in the quilt has a juvenile design on it.
Mae Mancuse, 1822 Division St., Detroit, wrote to us the very first thing on New Year’s Day, and we were disappointed to not see her at the meeting yesterday.

The Quilt Club Sisters were not there either, because Mrs. Emmons Galton is ill, so that meant that Mrs. Arthur Fisher wouldn’t appear. Mrs. Oscar Miller came without Mrs. Venus Bell, because the later was ill. We hope that by next week everybody has recovered and will be able to be back with us.

Mrs. Beatrice Whitewood 3320 Seventeenth Street, Detroit, sent in a knitted spread for us to see. It is the finest knitted one we have brought to us and it was copied from a pattern which was in The Detroit news in 1926. It took Mrs. Whitewood eight months to make it and considering how very fine it is, we do not see how she ever did it in that short time. She also knits dresses and sweaters and plans to be busy every minute and if they are as neatly done as the spread (and of course they must be) they should be beautiful.
We had a note from Gabrielle Baceheroot’s daughter saying that her mother was ill and could not attend her first meeting of this year, so I hope that you will drop her a note with a few words of cheer on it. Her address is 3573 E Hancock avenue.

Cornerites Birthday
January 14, Mrs. Albert Rockwell R.F.D. No. 2 Box 2620, Detroit
January 15, Mrs. Emily Fretch, Box 548 Route No. 4 Mt. Clemens, Mich.
January 16, Dorothy Kress, 13960 Manor Ave, Detroit
January 20, Mrs. Bertha Prince, Route No. 1, Milford, Mich.

These Members Belong to Quilt Club Corner
Mrs. J.H. Harmon
1167 W Grand Blvd

Mrs. M Walker
3461 Chope Ave

Mrs. J.J. Lamb
3461 Chope PL.

Mrs. Vera Lull
1516 Bewick Ave

Mrs. Walter Weaver
1374 Cherry St

Mrs. H.C. McVeigh
453 S Phillip Ave

Mrs. George Meade
Box 355
Capac, Mich.

Mrs. A.L. Meeker
6210 Payne Ave
Dearborn, Mich.

Mrs. F.H. Mehrer
1067 Morrell Ave

Mrs. J Melling
137 Wiegand Blvd
Centerline, Mich.

Mrs. William Mellmann
Route No. 5
Mt. Clemens, Mich. 


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