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The Quilt Club Corner
  • Crumb, Edith
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This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner Column. This particular column includes information about hooked rugs.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
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By Edith B Crumb
Quilt Club Editor, The Detroit News

For the past few weeks you have probably had little or no time to sew on your quilts and probably haven’t even looked at your basket of odds and ends of material. So what could be a better time to organize these then right away while the year is new and fresh and those resolutions, which never last long are still in one piece.
Resolve to use up every bit of material, for it can be done to great advantage, as is shown by the rugs in the accompanying illustration.

At the top is a hooked rug which was made by Mrs. Margaret Mowatt, 9331 Hartwell Avenue. Mrs. Mowatt makes one rug right after another and makes every scrap of material do its bit towards making her home more beautiful.
The rug is made of wool and silk pieces. The background is black and the design is in aquamarine, beige, green, gold, and peach.

Sometimes Mrs. Mowatt buys the foundation rug with stamped pattern, but often creates her own designs. If she wished to make a rug with a leaf design, she would simply take a large maple or oak leaf and…

… to get to Detroit. Perhaps, some time she will be able to be with us and that will make us all very happy, I am sure.
Mrs. L Richards, has moved to Galesburg, Mich. And sent us a letter the other day. She writes to thank all of the many friends who sent cards to her and did not receive any in return. She was in the midst of her mailing list when she was suddenly called to Ohio because of illness, so she cannot remember to whom she did send cards. So if she has missed any of her Quilt Club friends, she wishes to offer them her best wishes for the New Years now.

She has not written to the Corner for some time, but always reads the news of the club’s activities and still exchanges patches with quite a few members. She moved from Detroit in October and likes Galesburg very much, though, of course, it is quilt a change from busy, bustling Detroit.

Cornerites Birthday
Jan 6 Mrs. Bertha Landeck 334 Burk Ave, River Rouge, Mich.
Jan 7, Mrs. Dora Rennis 1954 23rd St, Detroit
Jan 8, Mrs. Dorothy Ott, 9008 Burnette St., Detroit
Jan 8, Mrs. Arthur D Doan, Bix 213 3141 Auburn Ave, Auburn Heights, Mich.
Jan 8, Mrs. David Gustafson, 2633 Wendall Ave, Detroit
Jan 9, Miss Helen Rasmussen 8660 Elmira Ave, Detroit
Jan 10 Mrs. Jos Pomorski Route 2, Howell, Mich.
Jan 10, Mrs. Orina Whitman 125 Temple Ave Long Beach, Calif.
Jan 11, Mrs. Thomas Gray 1027 Dewey St., Plymouth, Mich.
Jan 11, Mrs. Isabella Reynolds 288 Cass Ave., Mt. Clemens, Mich.

These Members Belong to Quilt Club Corner
Mrs. Grace Twitty
418 Harrison St
Monroe, Mich.

Mrs. G.A. Tyler
14100 Alma Ave

Miss June Tyler
4627 Parker Ave

Louise Ulrich
1183 Newport Ave

Anna Underwood
1947 Antoinette Ave

Mrs. Roberts Unger
12799 Joann Ave

Mrs. Rose Unger
3026 Cadillac Ave

Mrs. Sarah E Unger
2907 Scioto Trall
Portsmouth, Ohio

Mrs. C Ungerman
3968 Twenty-third Ave


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