First Cornerite Meeting Finds Many Busy Quilters

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First Cornerite Meeting Finds Many Busy Quilters
  • Crumb, Edith
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This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner Column. This particular column includes information about the recent Quilt Club Corner Friday meeting. it also includes a list of birthdays coming up in the club.
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First Cornerite Meeting Finds Many Busy Quilters
Here are some of the quilters who gathered in the conference room of The Detroit news yesterday for the first 1939 meeting of the Quilt Club Corner. All are busy- some quilting, some crocheting, all chatting. Anyone interested in quilt making is invited to come every Friday afternoon from 11:30 to 1.

Quilt Club Starts the Year with Enthusiastic Session
By Edith B Crumb
The members of the Quilt Club Corner started there quilting year with enthusiasm at first 1939 session yesterday afternoon.
Little groups gathered throughout the room and there was the usual quilting, swapping of patches, crocheting, knitting and chatting.

Mrs. Belle Hardy was not able to be with us yesterday because of illness. Her address is 9373 Goethe Avenue.
Mrs. Mazie Hottum brought her sister, Mrs. Grace Larimer who is visiting in Detroit. Mrs. Larimer lives in La Chine, Mich. and has been a member of the Quilt Club for some time.

The new members of the club are Mrs. Lela McIntire, 12748 Conway Avenue, Detroit, Mrs. Ruth C Woodson, 15 Marston Avenue, Detroit Mrs. Viola Enstrom 33 Glendale Avenue, Highland Park, Mrs. Susie Beck 3927 French Road Detroit Mrs. Lavina Robinson 13113 Wyoming Avenue, Detroit, Mrs. Helen Bauman 7415 Dendin avenue, Detroit and Mrs. Frank Overlin 16337 Plymouth Road, Detroit

Mrs. Bauman has a top for a Double Wedding Ring quilt which is only half finished. She would appreciate help with it. As she inherited it and is not familiar with the design she wonders if someone living near her would be kind enough to help.
Mrs. Dora Rennis celebrates her birthday by treating us to delicious little spice cakes bakes in little frilly paper cups. Mrs. T. L. Murdock knows there is a Santa Claus, because she only asked for one thing * a big sled for the hill near her lake cottage) and received it.

Everybody is looking forward to the new quilt pattern which is to come out the last of this month. Countless little scraps of materials can be used in it.

The Friday before Christmas Mrs. Maude S Raymond started out for the post office and the first thing she knew she was at the front door of The Detroit news. That is a good joke on her but not at all surprised because she has never missed a meeting
The quilt for May Mancuse will be on the frames for a few more meetings. Who has a quilt she wishes to put on the frames next and have everyone who asks may do this.

Cornerites Birthdays
Jan 13 Mrs. Eleanor Meyer 9543 Monica avenue, Detroit
Jan 14, Mrs. Alberta M Rockwell RFD No. 2 Box 2620 Detroit
Jan 14 Mrs. Mae Taggert Sincoe, Ont.
Jan 15, Mrs. Emily Frtch 19125 Eastland Ave, R No. 2 Roseville, Mich.
Jan 15 Mrs. Margaret Flora 2927 Sixteenth Street, Detroit
Jan 15, Mrs. F.C. Bottrill 3249 Harvard Road, Royal Oak, Mich.
Jan 16, Dorothy Kress 13960 Manor Avenue, Detroit
Jan 16, Mrs. Alton Howard R.R. No. 1 New Boston, Mich. 
Jan 16, Mrs. Mae Loury 781 Northwood Avenue, Youngstown, O
Jan 116 Mrs. Carrie Sterling 4676 Seventeenth Street, Detroit
Jan 17 Mrs. Ida C Padgett Romeo, Mich.
Jan 17, Mrs. Ida C Padgett Romeo, Mich.
Jan 17 Mrs. J.G. Cooper, 145 Grixdale Avenue East, Detroit
Jan 18, Mrs. Unah Broom 9371 Petosky Avenue, Detroit
Jan 18 Mrs. Math Hanson Route No. 1 Box 117 Aitkin, Minn. 


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