Beauty in the Home

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Beauty in the Home
  • Crumb, Edith
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This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner. This particular column gives description on a colonial American home and how it is decorated from room to room.
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Economical to Build: Minimum Up Keep Cost
Homes of this Type Fit into the Quiet City Street Suburban Development or Country Road.
By Edith B Crumb

American architectural history began with a Medieval European form, a simple rectangle divided into two or three rooms, heated by a single great fireplace.  But it barely met the requirements of the life it was to accommodate, even in the early American days. More space and more comfort were demanded so it was not long before the size and style began to change.
A second story was put up and lean tos were added behind. The second floor, too, was divided into two or more rooms and gabled dormers were set into the roof where it sloped through the upper chambers. This fundamental plan was numerous variations and enlargements was essentially the typical New England dwelling toward the end of the first century of Colonial history. So adaptable were they to the needs of the average family that they have preserved during the past three hundred years and today form the basic principle upon which many of the present day homes are planned.

The home shown today is in this classification. The architecture is really early American. It is a charming little house, especially suited to the average width lot and is designed primarily for the small family. It is one of those exceptions in small class homes that has distinct attractiveness, good architecture and a convenient interior yet may be built at a moderate cost.
For those who are seeking an economical home not only from the standpoint of building cost but from ease in heating and minimum upkeep expense, and do not require too much actual living space, this plan is worth considering.
Buildings of this type have a faculty of fitting into almost any surrounding. Whether it be in a quiet street of more pretentious homes in suburban development or alongside a country road, this style of home, properly landscaped and dressed with flowers and vines, instantly calls itself to one’s attention.

Here is a description of a decoration scheme used in a home and suggestions as to how it might be furnished.

Living Room: Woodwork finished in a rich walnut effect: walls given a rough plaster surface and finished in dark parchment color, floor covering flat weave linen rug in medium green shade, window treatment, draw curtains of silk and wool casement cloth in an ecru color, furniture, sofa with slip covering of black chintz one Windsor armchair, table desk with hanging bookshelf over this, gate leg table single ladder back chair, easy chair with covering of striped frieze in colors to harmonize with the slip cover material, pair of end tables, magazine rack, bridge lamps, table lamp and pair of small lamps, over mantel decorations to be mirror with wrought iron frame, electric fixtures to be equipped  with shades of plain parchment.
Dining Room: Woodwork like that in the living room, walls decorated with panels and all given a rough plaster surface with mottled…

Kitchen: Woodwork white walls buff, floor covering, marbleized linoleum in black and cream, window treatment roller shades of flowered chintz and straight hanging curtains of cream French marquisette curtains, furniture mahogany and to consist of bed, dresser, with separate over mirror hung with blue silk cord dressing table, bench and chair with slip covering of bright yellow ground glazed chintz piped with blue chintz or sateen, bedspread plain blue linen to match the color of the rugs trimmed with flounces of the slip cover material, dresser cover, yellow linen finished with a  linen lace edging (ecru) electric fixtures to be equipped with shades of yellow chiffon over taffeta of the same color and trimmed top and bottom with blue moiré ribbon.
Bedroom back of living room: woodwork ivory, walls, light green, floor covering, lilac, Wilton, window treatment, like that in the other bedroom furniture walnut and to consist of bed, chiffonier, dresser with separate mirror, small table and upholstered chair with slip covering an apricot ground chintz piped with lilac sateen bedspread, marquisate with lilac dot over green sateen, boudoir pillows in apricot, lilac and green organdie and net footing, electric fixtures to be equipped with shades of light green chiffon over apricot taffeta and trimmed top and bottom with lilac ribbon binding.

Bathroom: Green tile and painted plaster walls and ceiling window curtain, cream French Marquisette, shower curtain, light green lined with lilac. 


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