Beauty in the Home

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Beauty in the Home
  • Crumb, Edith
  • Michigan State University Museum
This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner column of the Detroit News. This particular column gives the description of a way to decorate a home with a fireplace.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
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Detroit News History Project
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This department seeks to give assistance to all who are interested in beautifying their homes and will be glad to answer questions pertaining to interior decoration. In order to serve all who seek advice promptly no more than three problems will be discussed in any one reply. Readers are invited to write to this department as often as thy wish, but limit each letter to three questions. State your questions clearly, write only on one side of the paper, enclosing a self addressed stamped envelope and address Beauty in the Home Department, Detroit News. Letters with their answers will be published for the benefit of all homemakers, but names and addresses will not be made public.

To be truly hospitable and delightful a living room must first of all be convenient and comfortable. Money does not have to be spent in large quantities in order to have a successful room. The secret, of a room which is charming to all is good taste and this may be achieved at moderate prices.

In the accompanying illustration is a room which would be attractive way to decorate and furnish a living room in either a house or apartment.

Woodwork and walls finished in  a rich ivory shade make an ideal background for the bright colors supplied by the books and upholstery fabrics.

Perhaps originally the fireplace end of the room had a door at each side, but with the demand for book space, that at the left has been fitted with a back and had shelves installed. The other door preserves the balance so necessary is a pleasing scheme.

Only glass curtains are necessary for the window treatment and these might be made of fine quality of silk and wool casement cloth in a pale ecru shade.

For the floor covering one large carpet on the baseboard might be used, or Oriental rugs could be laid instead. If the plain rug were selected, it might be in a medium shade of green, the sofa in front of the fireplace could be covered in deep mulberry jaspe striped material and the chair at the left of the fireplace in gold velvet, that at the left having a covering of black ground armored with a  gold conventional design.

If Oriental rugs were used they might be in deep, rich shades of rose, blue, gold, and a touch of black. The sofa with this might be covered in blue velvet, the wing chair covered in deep red velvet, and the small chair at the right in blue and gold armure.
This room would also be delightful with pale green woodwork and walls, a deep wine red floor covering, sofa covered in wine red velvet, wing chair in gold velvet and armchair in green and gold brocade.
The curtains for this last scheme might be of pale gold silk gauze…


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