Trays are Useful and Decorative Furnishings But Should Conform to Place in Which Used

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Trays are Useful and Decorative Furnishings But Should Conform to Place in Which Used
  • Crumb, Edith
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This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner column of the Detroit News. This particular column speaks of the various uses of a pewter tray in ones home.
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Trays are Useful and Decorative Furnishings But Should Conform to Place in Which Used
By Edith B Crumb

Trays will never lose their usefulness or attractiveness for whether they are old or new they seem to have that quality which lends charm to a room, table, or mantel.

A tray is something that every house should have, and when it is not used as a convenience it serves an ornament.
As for prices of trays, these may range from 10c on up to many dollars, but the inexpensive ones may be made as delightful as those which cost much more.

Suits Period Room
The breakfast room always needs a tray and if the room is furnished in early American style, the black painted trays with gold borders and floral center decoration would be attractive. There are some especially quaint trays which may now be bought for approximately $1,000 and these are made of maple and decorated with reproductions of old time fashion prints, the effect being rather antique. One this might be used a hob nail picture and glasses if the scheme is to be carried out in detail.

Pewter is Useful
Pewter trays old and new, find many uses, the small ones being just right for the cream pitcher and sugar bowl  and the larger ones for toaster, coffee pot, and hot water pitcher.
Brass or copper trays lend a rich luster to a side board or serving table and if large enough may be used for the afternoon tea service.

The breakfast tray is quite an important addition to any household. It takes care of guests, or if there is an invalid in the home, it provides convenience for the serving and eating of meals.

Serviceable Breakfast Tray
The breakfast tray there should be plate, cup, saucer, egg cup, oatmeal dish, covered muffin dish, bread and butter plate, and goblet and also small sized  coffee pot, cream pitcher, hot water pitcher and sugar bowl  should be provided. This allows for the serving of any kind of a meal and the serving of any kind of a meal  and the glassware and china should be very carefully selected.

Cloth Should Match
A cloth the size of the tray should be especially made for this and also a napkin to match. The cloth may be of very fine material, such as handkerchief linen, and may be finished with hemstitched border or trimmed with linen lace edging. This may be hemstitched in position.

If the dishes for the tray are to be of the coarser type, such as peasant ware, the linens might be of coarser weaver and brighter colors. Plaids are delightful with dishes of this type, and there are checks and stripes which make very attractive backgrounds for this gay pottery.

More Elaborate Styles
Trays for the living room are a bit more elaborate than those for the breakfast room or bedroom, some being made of wood with laid decorations and others having glass surfaces beneath which might be used material, new or old, of wall paper of appropriate design. Hand embroidered are very lovely beneath the glasses of trays, and those who have pieces of old brocades, or shawls will find that the underside of a glass tray is a very ideal place to preserve them and show them off to advantage.

Black painted trays with decorations of English hunting scenes are finding great flavors now and are especially effective in sun rooms, where a gay touch is always welcome.

Metal Monograms
The formality of daytime costumes calls for accessories in keeping- and among the new ones are bags of supple leathers with conventional monograms of gleaming metal. 


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