Beauty in the Home

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Beauty in the Home
  • Crumb, Edith
  • Michigan State University Museum
This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner and Beauty in the Home column. This particular column gives advice on decorating a living room focusing on what draperies one should choose.
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Ruffled curtains made long enough to reach the floor are less common than those of sill or apron length, but that they are attractive is shown in the accompanying illustration and especially charming if no over draperies are to be used.
This room might be a good one as an example If one wished to follow out the idea of an early American dining room, for its background for this type of furniture is very ideal.
The woodwork In a room such as this might be finished in a rich ivory tint, the walls treated with an ivory ground paper having toile design in cherry red.

For the floor covering either a plain rug of a large oval braided  rag mat. If the later is selected it might be in brown, red green and black. Another type of floor covering, attractive for this room would be a hooked rug in conventional design.
The saw bucket table and dresser ( as shown at the right) might be of  pine, the chairs of maple and corner cupboards either of maple or mahogany corner cupboard  there could be no more charming position for it than in the dining room.
The windows are interesting being treated with glass curtains only of white muslin finished with wide ruffles caught back with ruffled bands made to reach to the floor and put up with ruffled valance.

Pewter and French peasant pottery make charming accessories for a room such as this.

Choice of Draperies
I would indeed be very grateful if you would help me with the draperies in our living room and bedroom.
The living room faces the west with a door and window that open onto an eight foot verandah and a large five by seven food window on the north.

Now this room is rather dark and I would like to have a drape for the piano and bench are dark oak and the furniture is in dark brown leather. The window draperies which will have to do this winter, are Alice blue trimmed with gold fringe. The rug is mulberry blue and brown and on a tan ground.

Would it be possible to buy something that would be washable and yet good looking that would not vest over $1 a yard?
The wall paper is sand color.

The bedroom faces the easy with just one window. The wall paper reminds me of that old fashioned challis we wore for dresses years ago, bunches of blue, yellow and lavender flowers (close together and small) on cream ground. I have light cream net curtains and bedspread of cream cotton both trimmed with lavender. I would like to have new draperies for the clothes closest door and a window seat something that would wash.
Mrs. V.B.

The piano and bench would be more attractive if left without a drapery and cushion and if you wish to ad color to the room you may make a slip cover for the sofa of yellow ground flowered chintz which make  slip cover for the sofa of yellow ground flowered chintz which may behad for considerably less than $1 a  yard. This should have blue in the designs and the seams may be piped with blue chintz or sateen.
A pair of pillows covered in plain blue chintz or sateen to match the draperies may be used on the sofa. These may be piped with yellow.

Either sateen or silk broadcloth in a lavender tint to match that on the curtains and spread would be attractive for the clothes closet door curtains and the covering for th window seat. The silk broadcloth is approximately $1 a yard and will give you very good service from the standpoint of keeping color and laundering easily. 


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