Eight Block is Petunia

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Eight Block is Petunia
  • Crumb, Edith
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This is part of Edith B Crumb's Quilt Club Corner and Beauty in the Home column. This particular column announces the eight block in the Flower Garden quilt pattern and gives advice when decorating a family room.
Michigan (MI)
United States
The Detroit News
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Eight Block is Petunia
All quilt makers who are anxious to add the next quilt will be interested to know that this week the design is a petunia the small sketch showing how attractive this is.
Because of the rush of the holiday season, the seventh block (holly berry) was run for two week but from now on may count on a different one each week.

In all there will be 21 different block patterns for this quilt, 29 being used for the top, which will be four blocks wide and five blocks long. The twenty first block should have 16 made like it, this being for the border to fit on the two sides and the end.
A number of readers have asked if blocks might be had in advance but this is Impossible. No envelopes will be help for future patters. By asking for one pattern at a time you receive the most prompt services.

To receive this eighth pattern the Petunia for your quilt, all you have to do is send your request for it to the Beauty in the Home Department. The Detroit News, enclosing with it a self addressed stamped envelope.

Beauty in the Home
The truly beautiful living room is the now which is truly  hospitable and the atmosphere is difficult to achieve if all of the members of the family have not been carefully considered when the room is planned.
The rooms shown in the accompanying illustration tells us a great deal about the family which occupies the home. We may feel certain that there are those whose joy is to sit and read, for with the well filled book shelves and comfortable easy chairs with lamps at convenient locations, there is every invitation to the book lover.

For the music lover there is the piano and tables offer opportunity  for writing or card playing  and in a room such as this it would be attractive to have a permanent bridge set up of gate leg table and four Windsor Armchairs. There might be cushions for the chairs covered in material to match the draperies.

The walls and woodwork in a room such as this might be finished in a deep ivory tint and the floor covered with a medium blue carpet made to cover the floor to baseboard. The glass curtains might be of cream voile and the over draperies of medium blue ground glazed chintz. These could be finished with hems also and made to hang to the sill.
Gold ground chintz might be used for the slip covers of the chairs this having a conventional design in blue thus making it possible to use two patterned chintzes in the same room harmoniously.

Interesting Letter
Having a young daughter growing up fast I have thought a flowered garden quilt would be a nice addition to a couple she now has that have been pieced by her great grandmother now 85 years old.

Since this grandmother raised me it is quite natural to have the old fashioned pieced or appliqued quilts or comforters in my own home. In fact the same grandmother made me piece a quilt top by myself before I reached my seventh birthday.
I am really surprised to learn how many ladies are interested in this new pattern you are sending out. I t was at the home of a church member  where about 35 ladies gathered to make bazar articles I found out it was only natural to speak of quilt making and your pattern became the subject o the conversation of the entire group. In fact, several mentioned having sent for the black now being offered.
Mrs. W.A.R
That is a very interesting letter Mrs. R. You must have been one of those little girls who had to sit on a cushion and sew a fine seam every day.

Quilt Edge Finish
In putting together the blocks of flower garden quilt do you have a border of the four inch plain material all along the sides, or is the outer edge bound only?
Mrs. A.B

The quilt will be more attractive if the outer edge is bound instead of being finished with a four inch band. 


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