Our House

At Home in the Mountains

Diversity Under One Roof

The Home in the Garden (First Place)

Chintz Bird (Second Place)

Meme's Button Box (Third Place)

Creative Chaos (First Place, Ages 30 and Under)

But I Know Crazy (Second place, Ages 30 and Under)

Study in Squares [Ego of a Quilter] (3rd place, Ages 30 and Under)

Crazy Cow Polarity (First place, Ages Over 30)

Obama Victory Garden (2nd place, Ages Over 30)

Elements of a Homestead (3rd place, Ages over 30)

Metal Measures

A Tale of Four One-Patches

Heavenly Swirls

Love My Jammies, Love My Tea

Soul Sisters
(March 7, 2011)

We Are the Quilters
(March 7, 2011)

Mind the Gap!
(March 7, 2011)

Virginia is for Lovers
(March 7, 2011)

Quilt Alliance Contest Winners

Milne, Amy

The quilts showcased here represent the Quilt Alliance's quilt contest started in 2006. Each year the Alliance presents a small quilt contest with an open-ended theme. The goal of the contest is to reach out to today's quiltmakers with a challenge that engages them with our mission, documents their response and raises funds via an auction of the quilts (all entrants donate their quilts to the Alliance). Entrants are encouraged to interpret that year' s contest theme as creatively and personally as possible. Alliance members vote to decide the winners and Alliance business members provide the prizes.

Past contest themes include:
  • Put a Roof Over Our Head (2006-07)
  • My Quilts/ Our History (2008)
  • Crazy for Quilts (2009)
  • New from Old (2010)
  • Alliances: People, Patterns, Passion (2011)

Our 2011 theme was “Alliances: People, Patterns, Passion,” a broad theme that celebrates cooperative relationships that work towards a common goal. Entrants were offered these starter ideas for inspiration:
  • Ode to an Ally Dedicate your quilt to a friend, teacher, family member, political, environmental, faith-based group.
  • Visual Alliances Explore the look of new color or form alliances or celebrate tried and true ones with a quilt that shows how visual elements work together towards a common goal--exciting the viewer!
  • Blocks That Bond Use traditional blocks that represent alliances--wedding ring, friendship, signature, even crazy quilts.
  • Common Good Invite a friend or group of friends to collaborate on a quilt with you.
  • Celebrate and collaborate.
  • Eco-Alliances Put a spotlight on a natural alliance. What relationships in nature/the environment are you passionate about?
  • Satirical/Fantasy Alliances Open your imagination and let the fantasies pour out. Cats and dogs? Hobbits, elves and fairies?
Put a Roof Over Our Head (2006-07)
1st place: group quilt by Keti Kasrashvili, Irina Lavrinenko and Nino "Chuchuka" Chargeishvili
2nd place: Ann Holmes
3rd place: Ellen Levine

My Quilts/ Our History (2008)
1st place: Allison Ann Aller
2nd place: Pat Holly
3rd place: Kathryn Wagar Wright

Crazy for Quilts (2009)
Ages 30 and under
1st place: Kelly Phelps
2nd place: Luke Haynes
3rd place: Luke Haynes
Ages over 30
1st place: Kathryn Wagar Wright
2nd place: Michelle Flamer
3rd place: Patricia Ann Hobbs

New from Old (2010)
Grand prize: Jamie Fingal
1st place: Michael Michalski
2nd place: Dana Lynch
3rd place: Mary Vesta Pumphrey

Alliances: People, Patterns, Passion (2011)
Grand prize: Jamie Fingal
1st place: Cynthia St. Charles
2nd place: Annedore Neumann
3rd place: Sandra Starley

Date: 2011