Feathered Star

Four Pointed Star

Four Pointed Star

(c. 1895)

Star -detail-
(c. 1895)

Granny's String Quilt

Quilt Patterns from Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

Richardson, Justine

I. Jagged Edge

Jagged Edge, the quilt pattern title of the first section of the book is not commonly found in the Quilt Index documentation as of this writing. Several patterns with triangular pieced edges include Sawtooth and Dog tooth are included however and shown here.

II. Rocky Road
Many examples of Rocky Road have been entered in the Quilt Index.

Granny’s String Quilt (
Star Tennessee 1890 (
Star Tennessee 1890 detail (
Four Pointed Star 1900 tennessee (
Four Pointed Star detail (
Variation of Crazy Quilt c. 1900 Breckenridge Family (
Rocky Road Tennessee Hurst, Nan 1917 (
Rocky Road to Kansas Illinois State Museum Cunningham, Nancy Ziegler 1875 (
Rocky Road to Kansas Velvet 1894 Iowa (
Rocky Road to Kansas (
Rocky Road to Kansas/ Kite Variation
Rocky Road to Kansas Wyoming (
Rocky Road to Arkansas String dove in window (
Rocky road to Kansas string dove in window (
Rocky Road bright yellow (
III. Puss in the Corner
IV. Young Man’s Fancy
V. Broken Dishes
VI. Secret Drawer
VII. Snake Fence
VIII.  Fox and Geese
IX. Hearts and Gizzards
X. Lady of the Lake
XI. Falling Timbers
XII. Solomon’s Temple
XIII.  Pandora’s Box
XIV. The Letter X
XV. The Tree of Paradise

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Date: 7/1/2012