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Finished quilt
Methodist Aid Society Signature Quilt
92 inches
93 inches
Multiple Names
On the back along the seam line "Cloth of Gold" is written three times.
1a:Merle Hall 1920 1a:Jean Hall 1925 1a:Gordon Smith 1929 1a:Sharon Smith 1932 1b:Nelson Robertson 1926 1b:Edmond Robertson 1929 1b:Roland Robertson 1938 1b:Camilla Robertson 1925 1c:Leonard Cowman 1914 1c:Eloise Cowman 1916 1c:Ione Cowman 1912 1c:Henrietta Cowman 1d:Jack Cowman 1925 1d:Billie Karre 1926 1d:Patsy Karre 1928 1d:Betty Karre 1923 1e:Maynard Tuttle 1917 1e:Helen Tuttle 1915 1e:Frank Tuttle 1921 1e:Dorothy Tuttle 1919 1f:Orville Snyder 1f: 1f: 1f: 1g:Melvin Brown 1919 1g:Donald West 1928 1g:Roland Brubaker 1926 1g:Mackay Brown 1928 2a:Robert Snider 1938 2a:Eula Snider 1937 2a:Gerald Wilson 1931 2a:Willis Wilson 1937 2b:Verle Towne 1912 2b:William Towne 1913 2b:Virgil Towne 1915 2b:Melven Towne 1919 2c:Forrest Saum 1922 2c:Evalyn Saum 1920 2c:Jackie Vierson 1927 2c:Kendall Vierson 1929 2d:Marlene Roach 1936 2d:Arlene Stuckey 1939 2d:Janet Roach 1937 2d:Kathleen Roach 1939 2e:Dorothy Farrar 1922 2e:Wayne Farrar 1926 2e:Keith Farrar 1937 2e:Virginia Farrar 1919 2f:Betty Latimer 1933 2f:Nancy Latimer 1931 2f:Anne Latimer 1929 2f:Jean Latimer 1928 2g:Willis Perkin 1927 2g:Margaret Perkin 1923 2g:Richard Perkin 1914 2g:Dorothy Perkin 1920 Border:Bobby Thayer 1928 Border:Roy Thayer 1930 Border:Darlene Thayer 1934 Border:Rodney Caine 1929 Border:Richard Aupperle 1937 Border:Ellen Aupperle 1939 Border:Bette Likens 1921 Border:Norma Jean Sloan 1932 Border:Ginger Lou Powell 1937 Border:Richard Caine 1926 Border:Beverly Jo Colebank 1927 Border:Grace Miller 1924 Border:Leona Loghry 1921 Border:Genevieve Connor 1916 Border:Betty Shultz 1922 Border:Dale R Littell 1940 Border:Loretta Kahler 1939 Border:Virgil Smith 1921 Border:Royal Teel 1926 Border:Robert Teel 1927 Border:Willis Teel 1938 Bottom Border:Dale Porter 1929 Bottom Border:Vernon Porter 1931 Bottom Border:Roberta Porter 1937 Bottom Border:Edna Hendershot 1928 Bottom Border:Ivan Porter 1939 Bottom Border:Jay Loghry 1914 Bottom Border:Lloyd Loghry 1921 Bottom Border:Roberta Loghry 1926 Bottom Border:Robert Loghry 1928 Bottom Border:Shirley Dubdahl 1936 Bottom Border:Doris Ballner 1913 Bottom Border:Janet Hoschouer 1937 Bottom Border:Ina Cashler 1911 Bottom Border:Douglas Cashler 1919 Bottom Border:Stanley Casher 1922 Bottom Border:Sylvia Hoschouer 1921 Bottom Border:Freddie Cashler 1935 Bottom Border:Jerry Cox 1939 Bottom Border:Arlene Larson 1918 Bottom Border:Aldor Larson 1917 Bottom Border:Lionel Larson 1922 Bottom Border:Ivan Rucker 1918 Bottom Border:Glenn Heffner 1917 Bottom Border:Lois Ann Heffner 1932 Bottom Border:Bernard Larson 1939 Bottom Border:Donna Brady 1918 Bottom Border:Melvin Brady 1916 3a:Dale Farrar 1922 3a:Eileen Farrar 1923 3a:Blaine Farrar 1926 3a:Verle Farrar 1918 3b:Ardis Sloan 1916 3b:Wilma Sloan 1912 3b:Sharon McNickle 1936 3b:Darell Lloyd 1933 3c:Jean Funk 1928 3c:Herle Funk 1918 3c:Genareva Prall 1920 3c:Ellsworth Prall 1925 3d:Lenard Towne 1932 3d:Donald Doyle 1922 3d:LeLand Towne 1932 3d:Donnivan Doyle 1922 3e:Joan Mason 1934 3e:Lowell Fritsche 1934 3e:Glenn Haase 1931 3e:George Russell 1934 3f:Iona Viersen 1916 3f:Merle Viersen 1914 3f:Martin Viersen 1913 3f:Roma Viersen 1920 3g:Floyd Towne 1930 3g:Georganna Towne 1923 3g:Elyse Towne 1936 3g:LaRoy Towne 1935 Corner:Kathleen Scharf 1925 Corner:Rosalie Scharf 1927 Corner:John Scharf 1930 Corner:Warren Saum 1923 Corner:Wayne Saum 1926 Corner:Ryland Saum 1928 Corner:Wilford Cole 1927 Corner:Norma Lea Cole 1935 Corner:Harvey Cole 1932 4a:Maxine Roach 1916 4a:Louise Roach 1917 4a:Inez Sanders 1928 4a:Joyce Smith 1926 4b:Herbert Hall 1921 4b:Kathleen Hall 1918 4b:Alice MacKey 1939 4b:Beulah Hall 1916 4c:Dale Fischer 1939 4c:Duall Fischer 1939 4c:Arlene Werkmeister 1938 4c:Darlene Werkmeister 1938 4d:Walter Chamberlain 1930 4d:Margaret Chamberlain 1927 4d:Beverly Chamberlain 1931 4d:Bernard Mills 1934 4e:Stanford Wasia 1927 4e:Doris Stone 1918 4e:Billy Dubdahl 1937 4e:Beulah Stone 1909 4f:Margaret Dickerson 1918 4f:Betty Dickerson 1923 4f:Jacquelyn Jackson 1922 4f:Shirley Chehey 1927 4g:Gerald Burnett 1938 4g:Jimmie Burnett 1919 4g:Glenn Burnett 1913 4g:Darlene Burnett 1922 5a:Maxine Flock 1927 5a:Leon Flock 1920 5a:Donna Gilliland 1933 5a:Devona Gilliland 1936 5b:Gerald Roach 1933 5b:Richard Roach 1927 5b:Edward Latimer 1936 5b:Billy Schnase 1932 5c:Mildred Dold 1916 5c:Helen Dold 1910 5c:Harley Dold 1914 5c:Glenna Olbert 1919 5d:Maurice Andersen 1926 5d:Merrill Andersen 1926 5d:Yvonne Saunders 1912 5d:Francis Saunders 1912 5e:Doris Fritsche 1926 5e:Delia Shepherd 1927 5e:Donald Shepherd 1927 5e:Eldon Shepherd 1931 5f:George Denny 1935 5f:Edward Denny 1937 5f:JoAnn Denny 1933 5f:Margaret Stevens 1927 5g:Floyd Roach Jr. 1927 5g:Alan Roach 1939 5g:Lauren Roach 1934 5g:Dale Roach 1930 6a:Minnie Haschouer 1924 6a:Ellen Russell 1922 6a:Arlene Russell 1926 6a:Norma Russell 1924 6b:Beth Tuttle 1932 6b:Leon Tuttle 1928 6b:Marvin Towne 1922 6b:Raymond Tuttle 1933 6c:Herbert Kahler 1924 6c:Kenneth Kahler 1926 6c:Genevieve Kahler 1922 6c:Neva Kay Kahler 1938 6d:Ivan Doyle 1923 6d:Ben Doyle 1915 6d:Keith Doyle 1925 6d:Daryl Doyle 1933 6e:Betty June Werkmeister 1936 6e:Louis Schnase 1939 6e:Donna Lee Schnase 1935 6e:Connie Marie Schnase 1939 6f:Harold Towne 1926 6f:Cylde Towne 1929 6f:Claramae Towne 1930 6f:Lusle Towne 1932 6g:Charlotte Ann Doyle 1939 6g:Grace Schmit? 1913 6g:Norma Anderson 1939 6g:Norma Lee Mc Reynolds 1932 7a:Delma Hoschouer 1926 7a:Lyle Hoschouer 1918 7a:Ethel Hoschouer 1916 7a:Kenneth Hoschouer 1919 7b:Edith Calkins 1911 7b:Audrey Gayle Fichtner 1936 7b:Clarence Priest 1915 7b:Loreen Priest 1913 7c:Dorothy Ann Dick 1935 7c:Richard Jones 1931 7c:Robert Jones 1921 7c:Harold Jones 1918 7c:Chalmers Porter 1916 7d:Thelma Porter 1913 7d:Opal Porter 1911 7d:June Porter 1915 7d: 7e:Duane Calkins 1918 7e:Max Chehey 1923 7e:Orval ConKendall 1923 7e:Wesley Snider 1924 7f:Glenn Chase 7f: 7f: 7f: 7g:Jon Roberts Elson 1935 7g:Kenneth Elson 1922 7g:Roddy Elson 1924 7g:Jane Hamilton 1934 Left Border:Neoma Smith 1926 Left Border:Keith Smith 1928 Left Border:Donald Smith 1939 Left Border:Doris Doyle 1925 Left Border:Wilma Shultz 1927 Left Border:Delbert Shultz 1931 Left Border:Leeland Dodson 1912 Left Border:Elaine Dodson 1914 Left Border:Glenn Dodson 1916 Left Border:George Doyle 1922 Left Border:LaVerne Brown 1922 Left Border:Bernard Saunders 1914 Left Border:Gloria Mae Dodson 1937 Left Border:Donald Dodson 1937 Left Border:Willis Dodson 1939 Left Border:Dorothy Piper 1912 Left Border:Morris Snider 1926 Left Border:Standley Snider 1939 Left Border:Alvia Robinson 1924 Left Border:Loretta Robinson 1932 Left Border:Edith Left Border:Adelia White 1913 Left Border:Ardell White 1916 Left Border:Clifford Thulin 1920 Left Border:Thelma Saum 1913 Left Border:Robert Edgar 1923 Left Border:Mildred Edgar 1927 Left Border:Francis Dick 1921 Left Border:John Dick 1923 Left Border:Mary Lou Dick 1928 Left Border:Janice Saum 1940 Left Border:Vernon Orman 1937 Left Border:Ruby Nitsch 1932 Left Border:Teddy Thayer 1924 Left Border:Devona Thayer 1929 Left Border:Lester Thayer 1933 Right Border:Kenneth Merrell 1920 Right Border:Dorothy Merrell 1925 Right Border:Irene Merrell 1928 Right Border:Barbara Roach 1927 Right Border:Ruby Merrell 1930 Right Border:Donna Merrell 1934 Right Border:Donna Robertson 1937 Right Border:Warren Robertson 1936 Right Border:Betty Anne Robertson 1928 Right Border:Leslie Fichtner 1928 Right Border:Charles Robertson 1934 Right Border: Howard Thompson 1928 Right Border: Patty Kindred 1921 Right Border: Shirley Kindred 1923 Right Border: Dora Kindred 1925 Right Border: Allen Fichtner 1932 Right Border: Vera Dunn 1933 Right Border: Stanley Dunn 1935 Right Border: Thomas Spence 1918 Right Border: Jane Spence 1920 Right Border: Herbert Spence 1926 Right Border: Esther Fichtner 1936 Right Border: Howard Bash 1909 Right Border: Homer Bash 1911 Right Border: Leona Latimer 1915 Right Border: Dorothy Latimer 1918 Right Border: Clarence Latimer 1920 Right Border: Sally Schnase 1940 Right Border: Doris Latimer 1931 Right Border: Connie Lou Loghry 1940 Right Border: Clyde Bates 1915 Right Border: Rita Bates 1918 Right Border: Delores Bates 1925 Right Border: Russell Colling 1936 Right Border: Dickie Cox 1936 Right Border: Annette Cox 1939 Right Border: Freda Palmer 1914 Right Border: Evelyn Palmer 1918 Right Border: Mary Rucker 1938 Top Border: Bobbette Schrotberger 1935 Top Border: Kenneth Connor 1931 Top Border: Earl Connor 1933 Top Border: DeWayne Johnson 1928 Top Border: Douglas Johnson 1929 Top Border: Richard Johnson 1934 Top Border: George Kinzer 1927 Top Border: Carol Ruppert 1938 Top Border: Yvonne Ruppert 1934 Top Border/Left Corner: Joan Durner 1929 Top Border/Left Corner: Jean Durner 1929 Top Border/Left Corner: Merle Durner 1927 George Koester 1917 Floyd Koester 1920 Wayne Koester 1924 Vernon Bougher 1932 Gordon Swanson 1930 Harlan Dean Hajek 1934 Lulu Mae Crandall 1911 Benjamin Crandall 1913 John Crandall 1921 Charlie Rothemeyer 1911 Allen Wachholtz 1936 Fred McCall 1932
on back
on block
on border
All of the names and dates appear on the front of the quilt and are embroidered. On the back "cloth of gold" is written in blue ink three times along a backing seam line.
This date was determined by the newspaper clippings that accompanied the quilt. Dr. Mills was honored for 31 years of service to Maywood, NE in November of 1940. There are three clippings each mentioning the occasion and the quilt.

Quilt top description

Block pattern

Quilt top materials and construction

Hand Piecing
Machine Piecing
Hand Applique

Quiltmaker identification

Mrs. Joseph Perkin

Quilt provenance

United States
The quilt was presented to Dr. B. I. Mills by the Methodist Aid society, in 1940. Dr. Mills was the physician and surgeon of Maywood, NE from 1909 until his death in 1949. During this time he delivered approximately 1600 babies, by November 1940 he had delivered exactly 1563 babies according to the North Platte Telegraph. In November of 1940, the community of Maywood honored Dr. Mills for 31 years of service, with a program and gathering. Dr. Mills had moved to Maywood on October 15, 1909, at the age of 25. He was born on Nov 6, 1884 and died on May 5, 1949. The quilt was donated to the International Quilt Study Center by Dr. Mills son, Bernard C. Mills in 2002. Sources: Arnold Sentinel. "Dr. B. I. Mills Honored For Long Service In Maywood Community." November 14, 1940. North Platte Telegraph. "Dr. B. I. Mills in Maywood 31 Years, Honored." Omaha World Herald. "Honor Country Doctor." November 3, 1940.

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International Quilt Study Center
United States
Madeleine Roberg

Other source materials available for this quilt

The Omaha World Herald article includes a picture of Dr. Mills with the quilt. The IQSC file also contains another photocopied picture, with no information, of Dr. Mills and the quilt. There are two pictures in the IQSC file of Bernard Mills with the quilt. The following three short newspaper articles were written about the event were the quilt was presented. Arnold Sentinel. "Dr. B. I. Mills Honored For Long Service In Maywood Community." November 14, 1940. North Platte Telegraph. "Dr. B. I. Mills in Maywood 31 Years, Honored." Omaha World Herald. "Honor Country Doctor." November 3, 1940.

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The file contains a newspaper clipping from the North Platte Telegraph and says: "Mrs. Joseph Perkin presented to Dr. Mills a quilt, made of butterflies of delicate shades of orchid and yellow print, appliqued on a background of white embroidered with the names of 364 babies. Mrs. Perkins emphasized in her talk, that, though the doctor had brought so many babies into the world (1563 to be exact) he had never lost a mother."

a Essay Historical Background

This quilt was made for Dr. B. I. Mills by the Methodist Aid Society of Maywood, NE. The quilt contains the embroidered names and year of birth of 364 of the babies Dr. Mills delivered. The quilt consists of 49 blocks that contain two yellow and two purple butterflies with a name above each. The border also contains names, all the way around, and butterflies.

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MATRIX: Center for Humane Arts, Letters and Social Sciences Online at Michigan State University, Michigan State University Museum, Alliance For American Quilts
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