Unidentified pieced signature quilt

Unidentified pieced signature quilt


Unidentified pieced signature quilt


Pieced, blue and white cotton signature quilt, filled with hundreds of embroidered names and the insignia of many auxiliary military organizations.

Time Period

ca. 1930

Date Information
Possibly made for the Golden Anniversary of the Woman's Relief Corps No.2 in 1933.

City Made
La Crosse

County Made
La Crosse County

US State Made

Country Made
United States

Purpose or function

History Notes
This quilt was found in the collection of the La Crosse County Historical Society. The donation had never been properly accessioned, and no deed of gift has been located.

Related Material
Ephemera from the Wilson Colwell Relief Corps No. 2 were found with this unidentified donation. These included a newspaper clipping about their golden anniversary in 1933 and a program for the event.


Abel, P. R3, C2
Adkins, Anna D. R3, C8
Albert, Isbel R2, C6
Albert, Miss R1, C3
Albert, Mrs. R1, C3
Albrecht, Mrs. Geo R9, C2
Alexander, A.C. R7, C10
Alexander, Lettie R7, C8
Alexander, Mrs. L. R5, C10
Allen, Mable R9, C7
Almvig, Anna R6, C1
Anderson, Mrs. F. R. R1, C3
Anderson, Mrs. Louisa R1, C2
Arnay (?), Helen R1, C6
Atkinson, Mrs. Ges R7, C9
Backalars, Mary R6, C1
Backman, Evelyn R8, C10
Bailey, Jennie R9, C7
Bakas, Libbie R8, C5
Banasck, Blanche R1, C6
Banker, John R8, C5
Barret, Elsa R6, C10
Barrett, Mrs. Mary R8, C7
Baster, L.A. R5, C6
Battalia, Anna R10, C9
Battalia, Fred R4, C7
Battalia, Mrs. Wm R4, C7
Bauch, Doris R10, C4
Bauch, Mrs. Fred R6, C10
Baumut (?), Pheate R1, C7
Belcher, Maud R6, C1
Bell, Mrs. H. S. R4, C2
Benjamin, Mrs. C.L. R9, C7
Benton, Mrs. Mary R3, C8
Beranek, Mrs. Maggie R8, C7
Berg, John C. R1, C8
Bernd, Marie R5, C9
Berndt, Tressa R8, C6
Berrett, Margaret R2, C5
Berrett, Marjorie R2, C5
Berrett, Rose June R2, C6
Bestor, Mrs. Augusta R8, C7
Bey, Sopha R3, C6
Biek, Mrs. E. C. R4, C3
Bigley, John R7, C10
Birnbaum, Nellie R5, C6
Birnhaus, Iren R5, C9
Bjorkman, Mrs. Helen R2, C4
Black, Mrs. A.O. R3, C8
Blanchard, Mildred R2, C3
Blankley, John R7, C2
Bless, Ella R6, C6
Bly, Mrs. A. G. R2, C10
Bock, Mrs. Gus R4, C8
Boerrma, Edith R10, C3
Bohl, Lena R3, C6
Bohlgrien, Ethel L. R1, C1
Bolkas, Mrs. Ges R8, C1
Boschert, Mrs. H.A. R6, C10
Boucher, Lena R9, C8
Boyle, E. J. R3, C3
B--p., Mrs. Ges. R7, C8
Brandson, Hazel R8, C6
Branson, Atta R8, C6
Braun, Plibe (?) R8, C8
Briggs, Mrs. Gerite R3, C4
Brosig, Anna R8, C10
Brosig, Ella R9, C8
Brown, Elaine R2, C6
Brown, Marie R2, C6
Brown, Mary R4, C8
Buck, Mrs. G. R10, C1
Buetzke, Betty R3, C9
Burghard, Lena R9, C7
Burns, Mable R8, C8
Buschman, Bernice R3, C9
Buschman, Irene R4, C10
Buschman, Miss L. R4, C10
Buschman, Miss Mildred R3, C9
Buschman, Mrs. J. R4, C10
Buschmann, Mrs. B. R7, C8
Bushcmann, Mrs. R. R7, C8
Busse, Mrs. O.L. R8, C10
Butler, Mrs. C.A. R3, C8
Calahan, Mrs. J. R4, C7
Carries, Mrs. G.R. R7, C5
Cassel, Mrs. W.G. R5, C5
Chalmas, Mrs. A. R8, C8
Chatham, Baby R9, C10
Childer, Minnie R4, C9
Clark, Bessie R3, C6
Clark, Mrs. Forest R10, C3
Clark, Mrs. V.H. R9, C8
Clarkin, Mrs. John R1, C10
Coady, Mrs. R8, C8
Cobine, Harriet R7, C9
Coburn, Ardys R9, C9
Collins, Francis R8, C7
Colwell, Nannie R8, C2
Conrad, Mrs. C. R2, C5
Coppersmith, Celia R10, C3
Corish, Mrs. S.J. R9, C2
Cot, Carrie R5, C5
Cronon, Anna A. R3, C8
Cronon, Edward R8, C1
Crooks, Edyth R3, C2
Crooks, Maurice R3, C2
Crooks, Roy R3, C2
Crowley, Gustie R1, C6
Dagnon, Mary R2, C8
Dalton, Florence R2, C1
Dalton, John R7, C10
Davidosn, W.J. R7, C10
Davidson, Mary R3, C6
Davis, J.R. R7, C2
Davis, Mrs. J. R5, C10
Day, Carrie R10, C9
Dean, Donald L. R7, C8
Dean, Minnie R10, C9
Dean, Mrs. Oscar R10, C3
Deaver, Maud R9, C7
Deaver, Mrs. R3, C3
Delersa (?), Mrs. T. R7, C8
Demorest, Dolly R9, C10
Demorest, Mrs. Leon R8, C8
Demorest, Salma R9, C2
Dennison, H. R7, C2
Deveison, Mrs. Lillian R1, C2
Deys, Anna R9, C4
Dickson, Cora R3, C4
Dickson, Kate R4, C9
Doering, Mrs. Carol R3, C3
Domke, Esther R10, C8
Donaldson, Della R3, C3
Dorset, Helen R8, C2
Dorset, Marion R8, C2
Dorset, Nannie C. R8, C2
Doughty, A.H. R5, C6
Drake, Anna R9, C8
Droske, Lydia R6, C9
Dunn, Mrs. A. R10, C1
Dunne, Mrs. R1, C5
Eaton, Mrs. Emma R4, C2
Ebersole, Gertrude R9, C10
Ebert, Leta R10, C10
Edward, Maggie R7, C8
Elbertson, Mrs. O. R8, C2
Elkington, Mary R2, C3
Emberson, Emma R9, C4
Ender, Vera R9, C2
Engelstatz, G. R2, C10
Erickson, Mrs. John A. R4, C2
Erleroien, Mrs. E. R4, C1
Espeland, Clara R1, C6
Espenes, Mrs. O. E. R1, C5
Estover, George W. R7, C2
Estover, Mrs. R9, C3
Evans, Mrs. M. R10, C2
Evanson, LaVonne R10, C3
Evanson, Mrs. T. R10, C3
Evanson, Tillie R10, C2
Eveland, Frances R7, C1
Falk, Mrs. L. R5, C5
F--dlon, Geraldine R7, C5
Feak, Mrs. Elnior R9, C10
Feinberg, Mrs. S. R9, C9
Ferchickson, Mrs. R3, C5
Ferris, Mrs. Thomas R6, C10
Field, H. E. R4, C3
Field, Mrs. Henry R4, C3
Fillnes, Mrs. Harry R1, C2
Finstad, Anna C. R9, C4
Fisher, Mrs. Fred R10, C1
Fisher, Mrs. L. N. R3, C2
Fjelstad, Francis R10, C8
Fjelstad, Mrs. Herman R6, C2
Flemmer, Amanda R10, C3
Florian, Mrs. A. R4, C10
Foseng, Christian Sidney R10, C2
Fosgate, Gaya R10, C4
Foster, Reynold R9, C3
Franckson, Adolth (sic) R1, C9
Fredickson, Mrs. R3, C9
Fredrickson, Anna R9, C1
Fredrickson, Mollie R9, C10
Fritz, Sylvie R10, C3
Fuller, Melissa R6, C9
Fyelstad, L. A. R1, C8
Gage, Mary R10, C9
Gautsch, Emma R3, C4
Gautsch, John R9, C1
Gaylord, Mrs. Lillian R2, C4
Geener, Mrs. L. W. R3, C10
Gehrig, Mrs. Gehrig R7, C9
Gehring, Dr. C. A. R10, C1
Gehring, Mrs. Ges R4, C9
Geivitz, Mrs. B. R3, C3
Genrich, Grace R2, C8
Gilbertson, Mrs. A. R1, C9
Gilbertson, Mrs. Edna R2, C4
Ginn, Mrs. O.A. R9, C9
Gleason, Henry R9, C1
Glynn, Mrs. C. R4, C10
Gowdy, Ed R9, C1
Graf, Agnes R4, C6
Green, Augusta R8, C6
Green, Mrs. R. F. R4, C2
Greenwood, Mrs. L. J. R2, C5
Groff, Mrs. J. R4, C2
Grokowsky, Elizabeth R9, C8
Groms, Barbara R3, C10
Gryttenholm, Sigurd R10, C3
Gunderson, Clara R10, C4
Hagen, Ida R2, C10
Hale, Mrs. Ges H. R3, C8
Haley, Mrs. H. R9, C2
Haltie, Della R8, C1
Hamilton, Josephine R7, C9
Hanson, Mary R6, C9
Hanson, Rudolph R9, C3
Harberg, Mrs. Fred R7, C2
Hardie, Mr. John R10, C2
Hardie, Mrs. John R10, C2
Harget, Bernittie R10, C2
Harget, Katie R6, C1
Harmacek, Hulda R8, C5
Hart, J.H. R7, C10
Hauer, Marion R10, C2
Hauser, Theodore R9, C1
Haze, Helen R9, C10
Helbert, Anita R1, C10
Helbert, Eileen R10, C1
Helbert, Herold R10, C1
Helbert, Lillian R1, C1
Helbert, Mrs. H. R10, C1
Helbert, Russel R1, C1
Helbert, Wilma I. R1, C1
Helsapple, Mrs. C.G. R6, C10
Henderson, Anna R1, C4
Henderson, Ida May R8, C5
Herlentz, Julie R9, C4
Herlentz, Minnie R8, C5
Herschheimer, Mr. L. R3, C5
Herschheimer, Mrs. L. R3, C5
Hilliker, Della R8, C7
Hilliker, Gladice R2, C8
Hoeltz, Mrs. E. R3, C5
Hoffman, Lula R9, C4
Holberg, Mrs. Ed R8, C10
Holberg. Mrs. Ed R9, C9
Holcomb, Mrs. E. R8, C10
Holcomb, Mrs. L. R9, C7
Holy, Mrs. Joe R4, C1
Hurd, Gladys R2, C3
Hurly, Mrs. W. J. R10, C3
Inderberg, Mrs. J. L. R1, C2
Jackson, Jennie R6, C9
Jackson, Mrs. Edia (?) R4, C7
Jagodzinske, Mrs. W. R1, C6
Jehlen, Mable R1, C2
Jenks, Cora R10, C9
John T. Maha R1, C8
Johnson, Charlotte R1, C7
Johnson, Josiphine R4, C8
Johnson, Lillian R8, C5
Johnson, Louisa R7, C5
Johnson, Minnie R10, C8
Johnson, Mrs. Geo. R1, C8
Johnson, Mrs. Sam R3, C8
Johnson, R.H. R5, C6
Johnson, Sadie R1, C4
Jones, Bessie R9, C8
Jones, Mrs. D. C. R2, C4
Jung, Anna R8, C5
K.F. Van Gordar R7, C5
Kasbab, Lillian R8, C5
Kaurrtzke ??), Mrs. S. H. R1, C10
Kehier, Mrs. R10, C10
Keith, Mrs. F.M. R1, C10
Keller, Mrs. L. R5, C10
Kemmer, Mrs. F. R1, C3
Kert, Frank, I. R5, C10
Ketchman, Mrs. Ethel R9, C10
Kirchner, Ruth R9, C7
Kirkeng, Beatrice R2, C4
Kirkeng, Hans R2, C3
Kirkeng, Iver R3, C10
Kirkeng, Mr. Cornelius R3, C10
Kirkeng, Mrs. Hans R2, C3
Klause, Anna R6, C6
Klawitter, Wm. C. R4, C9
Knapp, Mrs. Chas. R3, C1
Koblitz, Mrs. Louis R9, C7
Kolcinski, Fern R6, C2
Kolcinski, Mrs. Mike R6, C10
Kramer, Mary R4, C9
Krause, Mrs. R10, C10
Kriebick, Lusanna R8, C10
Krinner, Josephin R7, C1
Krumme, Ida R3, C4
Kuholsky, A. F. R1, C3
La Fore, Ollie R9, C2
Ladd, Mrs. E. R6, C6
Lakosky, Mrs. F. E. R1, C2
Lansgang, Mrs. Chas R8, C1
Larkin, Julie R8, C1
Larkin, Mrs. J. R2, C3
Larkin, Mrs. M. J. R4, C3
Larson, Mrs. E.O. R9, C9
Lasky, Mrs. G. R3, C10
Lassig, Mrs. E. F. R2, C5
Lauphere, Kathryne R9, C2
Lawrence, T. O. R7, C10
Layman, Anna R3, C6
Layman, Mrs. M. R1, C6
Lee, Alma R2, C1
Lehrbach, Della R3, C6
Lehrbach, Junior R7, C8
Lehrbach, Leslie R7, C8
Leisgang, Stilla R5, C9
Lerke, Gladys R4, C6
Leveraus, Mrs. R1, C7
Likens, Mrs. R9, C9
Lockman, Pearl R10, C4
Long, Maud R3, C3
Loughan, George R1, C7
Luedtke, Mrs. Fred R6, C2
Luedtke, Mrs. H. R6, C10
Lueth, Edna R5, C6
Lund, Edward R4, C6
Lund, Lillian R2, C1
Lund, Marie R4, C6
Luth, Edna R3, C6
Luth, Edward R4, C3
Luth, Lillian R3, C6
Luth, Marie R4, C6
Luth, Mrs. C. R8, C1
Luther, Sarah R9, C7
Lyons, Fern R5, C9
Lysaker, Katherine R5, C9
Machek, Maggie R2, C4
Maclachlan, Mrs. A. A. R2, C4
Maha, Mrs. J. T. R1, C8
Mairick, W.W. R1, C8
Major, Mrs. A R3, C8
Mann, Mrs. A. R7, C1
Marking, Florence R2, C10
Marking, Mr. A. R2, C1
Marking, Mrs. C. R2, C1
Marshak, John R1, C7
Marshall, James R7, C10
Marshel, Mrs. James R1, C10
Marshell, Mrs. Harry R4, C9
Marx, Ealvyd R1, C5
Mashak, Mrs. John R1, C8
Mason, Mrs. L. R2, C6
Matisk, John R7, C8
Mayer, Bertha R2, C6
Mcan, Geo. R. R4, C9
McCabe, Mrs. R3, C2
McClaren, Mary R3, C6
McClaren, Mrs. W.A. R3, C8
McCool, Mary R2, C10
McGinnis, Geraldine R1, C1
McGonegal, N. R. R1, C8
McGovern, Anna R8, C7
McGraf, Mrs. R4, C6
McGregor, Sadie R7, C1
McKee, Tillie R4, C6
McKinney, Mrs. D. A. R1, C5
McMann, Mrs. F. E. R10, C1
McSheny, Leon R5, C9
Mendle, Mrs. R10, C10
Mercier, Mrs. Earl R6, C6
Merman, Mrs. Ray R1, C7
Miller, C. R8, C1
Miller, Emma R8, C5
Miller, Louise R7, C8
Miller, Marie R6, C1
Miller, Mrs. Harry R1, C9
Miller, Myrtle R4, C9
Miller, Visla R8, C1
Miner, J.S. R8, C1
Moe, Anna R3, C4
Moe, Rhoda R3, C4
Morgan, Mrs. R4, C6
Mork, Sylvia R3, C3
Mosser, Mrs. J. W. R4, C1
Moulis, Irene R2, C6
Moury, Mrs. Geo. R4, C3
Mrs. R. Odegard R9, C3
Mull, Mrs. B. C. R3, C9
Munkely, Alvine R1, C7
Munkely, M. G. R1, C9
Murphy, Mary R8, C7
Murray, Mrs. Francis R1, C1
Murry, Amanda R8, C6
Nabauer, C. R4, C10
Nedvidek, Mrs. E. R5, C10
Neihiesll, Mrs. E. R4, C1
Nelson, Mrs. L.T. R4, C9
Nelson, Mrs. Maut R5, C5
Nesler, Earl R2, C10
Nesler, Mrs. S. R2, C10
Nesler, Mrs. Wm R4, C2
Netwal, Harriet R1, C9
Nichols, Viva R5, C9
Nicholson, Mrs. R3, C2
Nishaus, Mrs. Mary R3, C2
Noble, A.R. R7, C10
Noble, Anna R1, C10
Noble, Emma R1, C10
Noble, P.S. R1, C10
Nourak, Susanna R10, C8
Obuariher (???), Mrs. Wm R3, C5
Ohlson, Mrs. A. R3, C1
Olbrecht, Mrs. H. R9, C2
Olin, A.C. R5, C6
Olsen, Olaf R4, C3
Olson, H. K. R3, C10
Ostrander, James R8, C1
Othey, Harry R3, C1
Ouns, Bertha R9, C4
Owen, Carrie R3, C1
Owen, Mrs. R4, C2
Panke, Elaine R1, C6
Parker, Mr. G. L. R4, C3
Parker, Mrs. Guy R3, C10
Parker, Ruth E. R1, C8
Pederson, Mrs. A. R9, C2
Penks, Elsie R10, C3
Phalen, Irene R6, C1
Phalon, Mrs. Josepin R7, C8
Pierce, Delbert R8, C10
Pittengie, Mrs. H. W. R4, C8
Piver, L.B. R5, C10
Post, Azro Young R5, C5
Powell, Amy R9, C2
Prey, Otto R9, C8
Prindle, Mrs. W. R1, C6
Puent, Leona R1, C9
Puent, Mata R1, C7
Puent, Minnie R9, C9
Puent, Mrs. A.J. R9, C9
Puttman, C.H. R7, C2
Quigley, Dora R2, C3
Quigley, Dortha R6, C9
Rappe, Mrs. M. E. R3, C10
Rathburn, John R3, C3
Rathburn, Mrs. R9, C3
Raymond, Marie R10, C4
Reagan, Emma R2, C8
Reed, Louana R8, C7
Reichgelt, Grace R3, C9
Reichgelt, Harriet R1, C9
Reichgelt, Mrs. J. R9, C10
Reichgelt, Ruth R1, C9
Reichgelt, Vera R3, C9
Reley, W. L. R2, C1
Rewey, Alma R6, C1
Rewey, Earl R9, C9
Riechgelt, Mrs. A. R9, C1
Riese, Edith R4, C10
Rimmert, Miranda R10, C9
Riordan, LaBelle R10, C8
Ritter, Lillian R10, C8
Roberts, Nellie R3, C10
Rochester, Mrs. Della R9, C4
Rogers, W.H. R5, C6
Rohs, Mrs. E. A. R10, C2
Rooney, Mabel R10, C9
Rooney, Thomas R7, C10
Rosendahl, Grace R10, C4
Rosendahl, Mrs. R5, C5
Rossow, C.W. R9, C2
Rucker, Mrs. A. E. R2, C8
Ruegg, Julia R4, C1
Russell, Mrs. Louis R1, C5
Rutz, Mrs. John R9, C8
Rutz, Theresia R8, C10
Ryerson, Hazel R2, C8
Ryerson, Nina R2, C8
Ryerson, Olga R2, C8
Sadia, McGregor R6, C1
Saison, Mrs. E. O. R2, C4
Salke, Rose R2, C6
Sather, Signa R7, C9
Scharpf, C. F. R1, C3
Schepperd, Mrs. R4, C3
Schirn, Marion R1, C2
Schirnerhorn, Ella R3, C10
Schmidt, Emelie R7, C2
Schmidt, Thekla R9, C4
Schoenfeld, Mrs. A. R4, C1
Schuber, Therese R1, C4
Schubert, Mrs. Carl R4, C8
Schubert, Mrs. Jas. R4, C7
Schulenberg, C. R10, C4
Schultz, Esther R3, C2
Schultz, Marie R3, C10
Schuman, Louis R1, C1
Schuman, Margaret R10, C1
Schumann, Florence B. R6, C2
Schumann. Phebe R6, C2
Schunland, Minnie R10, C8
Schwartz, Antoinette R8, C5
Schwartz, Mrs. Bill R3, C5
Schwartz, Mrs. Clara R3, C5
Schwartz, Mrs. Wm R3, C10
Schwertfleger, Ethel R10, C8
Scott, Geo. R7, C2
Scoville, Sarah R2, C1
Selbo, Elsa R6, C10
Selby, I. M. R7, C10
Senator, Mrs. Mark R9, C10
Sevennes, Mrs. R1, C8
Seymour, Mabel C. R8, C2
Shannon, Bernise R6, C1
Sharr, Helen R9, C10
Shaw, Violet R5, C10
Sholes, Mrs. George R3, C8
Siedel, Mrs. R5, C10
Sila, Mrs. Agnes R9, C8
Simon, Helen R5, C6
Sims, Mrs. W. E. R3, C1
Sisson, Mary R3, C6
Siverson, Mrs. I. R2, C10
Sivert, Anna R2, C10
Slack, Isca R1, C5
Sletten, Miss Reba R5, C10
Smith, Clara R2, C1
Smith, Dortha R3, C4
Smith, Louisa R3, C4
Snyder, Mrs. R6, C2
Solberg, M.G.S. R9, C3
Solberg, Mrs. M. A. R1, C3
Sollender, Mrs. M.J. R8, C8
Soller, Hellen R8, C6
Spafford, Rose R8, C5
Spencer, Mrs. A.M. R3, C8
Staats, Mrs. Lee R4, C3
Stedesky, Rose R3, C3
Steinborn, Mrs. M. R. R4, C10
Stewart, Lulie R10, C4
Stickford, Ruth R7, C5
Stickler, Della R4, C6
Stifter, Mrs. R4, C6
Stintzi (?), Anna R10, C1
Stone, Adelaide R6, C6
Stone, Frederick R6, C9
Storey, Mrs. A. N. R1, C4
Streitz, Carrie R5, C5
Streitz, Mrs. F.G. R5, C5
Stroch, Jack R5, C10
Stroch, Mrs. A. R2, C5
Stuber, Mrs. Edn R9, C1
Summers, Cora R10, C10
Swan, Mrs. A.W. R7, C8
Sweet, Mr. L.E. R9, C3
Swennes, Irene R3, C4
Tauscher, Margaret R9, C4
Teagu, Mrs. J. S. R10, C10
Teal, Carrie R10, C4
Thiel, Augusta R. R6, C2
Thill, Augusta R9, C4
Thomphson, Mrs. L. S. R1, C4
Thomphson, Wenzel R1, C4
Thompson, Mrs. L. S. R1, C4
Thomson, Tillie R7, C9
Thorson, Martin R8, C10
Tichrer, Rob R9, C3
Tietz, A. H. R4, C3
Tillman, Mrs. Earl R9, C1
Tillman, Mrs. P. R4, C8
Tilloson, Millie R8, C7
Tomas, Mary R7, C9
Topham, Mrs. C. R1, C10
Towers, Dortha R1, C4
Tucheck, Ellen R4, C7
Tucheck, Gerom R4, C7
Tucheck, Margaret R4, C7
Tucheck, Mrs. Telzabeth R4, C7
Tucheck, Robert R4, C7
Tucheck, Sylvester R4, C7
Tucheck, W. R7, C10
Tucherk, Mary R2, C3
Tucker, Charles C. R2, C3
Tucker, Mary R2, C3
Uhisen, Neta R10, C10
Urnberger, Mrs. Joe R5, C10
Van Burg, Mrs. C. H. R3, C1
Van Gordar, Emilia R7, C5
Van Loon, A. R7, C2
Viner, Harriet R2, C5
Viner, Harry R3, C5
Viner, Ida R10, C9
Viner, Lenora R2, C5
Viner, Mrs. Chas R2, C5
Viner, Violet R6, C1
Vingers, Minnie R7, C1
Vingers, Mrs. J. R6, C2
Vital, Mabel R10, C8
Wadel, Alma R9, C7
Wagner, Claire W. R1, C7
Wagor, Bertie R9, C10
Wais, Mrs. Wm. R2, C8
Wakerman, Mrs. W. C. R4, C2
Walsh, Arvilla P. R1, C10
Walters, Anna R7, C1
Wana, Mrs. J. R4, C10
Waterman, Adale R10, C10
Waura, William R4, C1
Weber, Mrs. Mary R6, C10
Weidner, Mrs. R10, C2
Weigel, Elsie R10, C9
Weinke, Ella R4, C8
Weinke, Mrs. Herman R1, C8
Welch, Louisa R5, C9
Wells, Lucy R9, C8
Wells, Mrs. D. H. R3, C1
Wemuth, Olive R8, C8
Werel, Aletta R10, C4
Westphal, Meta R3, C9
Wheeler, Porter M. R2, C8
White, Lavina R6, C9
White, Mrs. C. R3, C5
Whitty, Mrs. Frank R4, C8
Wilcox, Estella R10, C8
Wiles, Mrs. J. H. R4, C3
Wilhain, Marthe R1, C6
Wilkington, Mrs. C. R4, C7
Williams, Martha R7, C9
Winnecome R5, C6
Winter, Mrs. C. F. R1, C4
Winters, Marie E. R6, C6
Wislow, Emma R3, C4
Wistenberg, Stella R1, C4
Withrow, Hellen R8, C7
Wodzynski, Mrs. Wm R9, C1
Wold, Mrs. Anna R6, C10
Wolf, Maybelle R2, C4
Wolf, Mrs. G. R1, C2
Wolford, Abby R8, C5
Wolford, Mrs. A. V. R2, C5
Wolford, Mrs. J. C. R10, C10
Wonis, Arrilla R6, C9
Woods, Mrs. Wm R4, C2
Wrenzel, Dela R6, C9
Yarington, L. R7, C9
Yates, Edna R6, C9
Yehle, Margarate R10, C9
Young, Mary R8, C8
Zahn, Bernard R4, C9
Zahn, Victor R4, C9
Zieman, Howard R1, C5

Inscription Date
1927, 1883,

Type of Inscription
Multiple Names

Other Type
names of orgaizations, primarily women's auxiliary organizations for veteran groups.


Inscription Location
multiple locations


Layout Format
Block pattern

75 inches

75 inches


Fabric Types

Fabric categories

Blue or Navy

Piecing Techniques
Machine Piecing

Embellishment Techniques

Pattern Sources


Submitted by
Peggy Derrick


La Crosse County Historical Society

Accession Number
none as yet (not yet accessioned)

Peggy Derrick

Copyright Access

Copyright Holder
La Crosse County Historical Society


Signature Quilt Pilot Project

Signature Quilt Project Public Submission

Finished quilt

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