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Signature Quilts: Friendship and Family

When one thinks of signature quilts, groups of women bound by friendship or family or both often come to mind. These quilts truly tell the stories of women’s lives in America. Some of these friendship quilts were made by the friends and family of a bride-to-be to wish her well, while others were made to heal or comfort a sick friend. Still others were made to mark a momentous occasion, such as the album quilt celebrating the fiftieth birthday of Alice Lane, signed by her friends and her nine-year old granddaughter.


Album "My Sweet Sister Emma"

Album Patch

Rolling Stone Signature Quilt

Quaker Album Quilt

New York Signature Quilt



Susan Sylvester's 1903 Redwork Signature Hemmed Top

Friendship Quilt

Embroidered friendship quilt

Embroidered signature (summer) quilt

Alice Lane Quilt

Grandmother's Fan

Sunbonnet Sue

Missouri Friendship Star

Double Friendship Sampler

Sixty Years of Remembrances

Golden Friendship

Friendship Sampler

A Garden of Friends

Love to Wini

Enchanted Quilters Friendship Quilt

Calico Cathy's Christmas

Friendship Cake Stands

Branches of a Tree Upon Which Friendship Blooms