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Community, Club, and Church: Public Signature Quilts

Signature quilts are often associated with family and friends, the most intimate social circles. However, signature quilts were often created within more public social groups as well, often serving a either a commemorative or a fundraising function. Many signature quilts were created by a community for their minister or clergyman, as in the case of the Appliqué Sampler and the Brownsville, Tennessee Fundraising Quilt. Signature quilts were also made by clubs, organizations and societies from the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) to the Women’s Relief Corps and U.S. Navy Ladies Auxiliary. Celebration of important community events, from the opening of a county courthouse in the case of the Jasper County quilt to honoring the nation’s bicentennial, was yet another reason for the creation of these public signature quilts.


Applique Sampler

Odd Fellows Signature Quilt

Antique Ohio Star Signature Quilt

Jasper County Courthouse 1895 Quilt

Rochester I.O.G.T. (Independent Order of Good Templars)

Depot Harbor signature quilt

Cumberland Presbyterian Church Quilt

Unidentified pieced signature quilt

Brownsville, Tennessee Fundraising Quilt

Crazy Friendship Quilt

Jamestown First Baptist Church Quilt

Methodist Aid Society Signature Quilt

Navy Signature Quilt 1941-42

Friendship Chain

Genesee Valley Quilt Club Bicentennial Quilt

Morning Glories and Butterflies: A Salute to The Quilters Hall of Fame