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Contemporary Signature Quilts

Signature quilts today serve much the same function as they did in the 1840s and ‘50s. Contemporary signature quilts help us remember friends and family, whether they leave us through marriage, a cross-country move, or illness. They are also made to promote international friendship and understanding or to honor those who have made a contribution to the local, regional or national quilt community, as with “President’s Stars,” made for Beth Donaldson to celebrate her first term as the inaugural president of Lansing, Michigan’s Capitol City Quilt Guild. Some signature quilts created today are made primarily for art or personal expression, however, as with Georgia Blanton Hardt and the Morning Glories Stitch Group’s “To School and Home Again.”


Double Friendship Sampler

Carrie's Rooster quilt top

Dougherty Family History Quilt

Sixty Years of Remembrances

A Garden of Friends

Golden Friendship

Friendship Sampler

Love to Wini

Enchanted Quilters Friendship Quilt

Friendship's Crossing

Friendship's Crossing

President's Stars

Scarlett & Dan's Wedding Quilt

To School and Home Again

Friendship Cake Stands

EuroSwap 2002 yellow quilt top

Japanese friendship quilt

Morning Glories and Butterflies: A Salute to The Quilters Hall of Fame

Branches of a Tree Upon Which Friendship Blooms