Posted on 06-06-2011
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Card Trick
Esther Amanda Bode
Saginaw, Michigan
Michigan Quilt Project
Notes: Esther kept a photo scrapbook from 1988-1998, the first ten years of her quilting period. Many of the photos have completion dates listed on the back. Esther had six living children, 15 grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren. They currently live in nine states and two countries. Each one of them owns at least one of Esther’s quilts. Her usual method of operation was to stack each quilt, as it was completed, on a bed in the guest room. When we came to visit, we would often be asked to view all the quilts in a bed turning. Then Esther might say, “Please pick one out for your bed…or for your girls….or for your husband.” Sometimes should would arrive at a birthday or Christmas party with a wrapped quilt. Perhaps 10% of the time she would design a quilt with a specific person and a specific color scheme in mind. I know that years might go by before a quilt on the bed was actually given to a new owner. In September of 2009, five months before she died and living in an assisted living facility, she asked us to go to her home and choose quilts to give to any of the great-grandchildren who hadn’t already received one. She asked us to decide who should receive any other quilts still there.

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