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Rochester Woman’s Christian Temperance Union Quilt
Rochester, New York
Signature Quilt Project
Description: The red and white pieced quilt with fan blocks with an American Flag in the center. The border is pieced with the blades of the fans. Outline stitched in each of the blocks are what appear to be a series of 1900 store names and Rochester businesses along with dozens of names of people. This was done mainly with blue thread with a few highlights in red.
Faith, Hope, Charity “Our Field”
Rochester Railway Company complete with a trolley
Sen-Sen (which are breath mints that were developed here by TB Dunn and Company a perfume dealer)
Standard Sewing Machine (None better!)
Higgins (with the design of horse with wings Pegasus)
JW Martin & Bros. (sold Pianos and Organs on State Street?)
Bings Bird Store
CW Oster
Hershey’s Chocolate
*Bicycle & watch is pictured
Brewster, Crittenden and Riley (Butter and eggs)
Sibley, Lindsay & Gurr Company
O’Grady & McAnarnsy Fidelity Bond
Holzeland Creamery
A shoe depicted with the title “One of Qualtrough’s spring styles”
Whipples House Furnishing Establishment
Pegas (?) Vehicle Company on East Avenue (lists both Automobiles and Bicycles)

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