International Collaborative Planning

The Quilt Index leaders, MSU Museum, MATRIX: Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online, and the Alliance for American Quilts in partnership with the International Quilt Study Center & Museum are developing plans to internationalize the Quilt Index. The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funded a collaborative planning process which will result in the following outcomes and activities:

Overarching goal: Plan Quilt Index internationalization and reflect on the process and challenges of international collaboration process for the benefit of the broader museum and library communities.


  1. Online list of Quilt Collections internationally –
  2. Application and planning process for non-U.S. contributors –
  3. Five-year overall plan and several detailed plans with specific institutions (leading to grant proposal submissions)
  4. Report and lessons learned

Project Activities:

  • Convened collaborating partners in virtual meetings monthly in year 1, virtual strategic planning “retreat” meetings and country- and topic-specific meetings during extension of activities into year 2.
  • Implemented a variety of synchronous and a-synchronous meeting and communication methods for communicating within collaborative group and with key external advisors and experts. (Google+ hangouts, Free Conference Call, ReadyTalk, google docs and spreadsheets, pinterest boards, YouTube channel public and private)
  • Creating international advisory board for planning – country-specific advisory groups
  • Conducting global survey of textile holding institutions – 1 dedicated survey, 1 set of international questions embedded in user survey.
  • Conducting a literature review of issues for international collaborations – see and for Canadian publications and collections:¬†
  • Data testing and inclusion of international quilts from the International Quilt Study Center & Museum – 2 subsets comprising quilts from the United Kingdom and quilts from southeast Asia.
  • Convened hybrid in-person and virtual workshop at Textile Museum in Toronto, to introduce Quilt Index and explore issues for collaboration.
  • YouTube channel with videos and introductory information about the Quilt Index
  • Proposals – submitted 1 IMLS proposal, identified numerous country-specific opportunities and are working with stakeholders to follow up on plans.
  • Analyzing survey data and workshop results
  • Writing report and lessons learned, disseminating draft and results
  • Disseminating results