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05/08/09 Iowa Quilts On Quilt Index
04/10/09 American Folklife Center Quilts On Quilt Index
02/12/09 Mary Gasperik Quilts the First Private Collection on Quilt Index
05/14/08 Mountain Heritage Center Quilts Launched in National Quilt Index
07/31/08 Nebraska Quilt Project Records Launched In The Nationwide Quilt Index
09/05/08 Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum Collection Now Online at Quilt Index
03/15/07 'DAR' Museum quilts Launched in the Nationwide Quilt Index
11/01/04 National Grant Boosts Expansion of the Innovative Quilt Index
10/12/03 Quilt Index Featured on Yahoo!
10/10/03 Quilt Index Launched: Online Database Uncovers America's Quilt Heritage
11/01/07 IMLS Award to Expand the Quilt Index
11/01/04 National Grant Boosts Expansion Of The Innovative Quilt Index
10/06/03 Quilt Index Launched: Online Database Uncovers America’s Quilt Heritage
10/06/03 New Website Focuses On American Quilting Traditions

Quotes and Additional Press Contacts

“This tool represents a major advance in American material culture studies, and is an invaluable addition to visual arts databases in general. The Quilt Index builds upon the national twenty-year effort to document American quilts through state-by-state documentation projects (a work of citizen scholarship equal to the best work of the WPA era). In its initial stage, the Index provides the public with unparalleled access to the photographs and written documentation from four of the state projects, and should eventually serve as the gateway to this vast repository of information on the entire history of quilting in America. The suberbly designed search interface gives researchers and the general public ready access to information that is currently scattered geographically, and will allow them to make connections that would have been impossible otherwise. The site also contains a wealth of compelling features in addition to the database, including virtual exhibits and online interview videos, that will engage visitors at any level of interest.

Doug DeNatale
Senior Research Consultant
New England Foundation for the Arts

“The first generation of quilt history books were the generalist books that were necessary to develop an overall understanding and appreciation for quilts and their history. The second generation of quilt history books, mostly as the result of the state documentation projects provided an encapsulated view of each state's or region's quilting characteristics. They were limited in numbers to the criteria set by state documentation projects. Now with the Quilt Index, the sky is the limit (or maybe I should say cyber space). Now all of those quilts that were left behind (including ours in Connecticut) will be seen and shared on the computer screen for everyone to research. Believe me when I say that the world of quilt history research is about to explode!!!

Sue Reich
Connecticut Quilt Search Project

“I've been clicking my way through the site, and it is wonderful! Congratulations. This is a triumph … for the Alliance, and for quilting and quilt research.

Alan Jabbour
Director, 1976-1999
American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress

“It is especially gratifying for me to be at the helm of the Alliance for the very important launch of this landmark online resource to provide first-of-its-kind access to quilt information and images.This Quilt Index project has personally been a passion of mine since a small group first talked in the late 1980's about the need for accessibility to quilt information.

Shelly Zegart
Co-Founder The Kentucky Quilt Project, Inc.
Board President, The Alliance for American Quilts
Additional contact: Karey Bresenhan, kareyb@worldnet.att.net

“The Quilt Index is a gift to all who love the quilt. Quiltmakers and their quilts reflect the very heart of the American experience. Brightly colored quilts are made in virtually every American community, and they are proudly displayed in homes as well as in musuems throughout the nation. Millions of quilt lovers, as well as students and scholars in fields like art history, folklore, and women's studies, will welcome this exciting new resource on American quilts.

William Ferris
Joel R. Williamson Distinguished Professor of History
Adjunct Professor in the Curriculum in Folklore
Senior Associate Director
Center for the Study of the American South
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“One of the major goals of The Alliance, since its inception, has been for some of the results of the state quilt documentation efforts to be available for online research and comparative study. All of us who were involved in state quilt searches will now find rich new material to examine easily and quickly on our own computers.

Nancy O’Bryant
Executive vice-president and director of publications and public information, Quilts, Inc



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