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      <page pageid="1858" ns="0" title="Recent Dissertations in Quilt History">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">Recent dissertations in quilt studies include: 

Denise M. Campbell, ''Quilting a Culture: Theories of Aesthetics, Representation, and Resistance in African American Quiltmaking'' (2006) 

Remi Kouessi-Tanoh Douah, ''In Her Own Words: Uncovering a Life Experience Woven into the African American Quiltmaking Tradition (Wilma Gary)'' (2006) 

Caroline Fitzpatrick’s ''Women's Voices, Women's Quilts: A Study of Discourse Practices in a Pennsylvania Quilting Circle'' (2007) 

Yoland Ann Hool, ''African American Quilt Culture: An Afrocentric Feminist Analysis of African American Art Quilts in the Midwest'' (2000) 

Patricia J. Keller, ''The Quilts of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: Production, Context, and Meaning, 1750-1884'' (2007) 

Elizabeth W. McLaughlin, ''Engendering the Imago Dei: A Rhetorical Study of Quilts and Quiltmaking as Metaphor and Visual Parable in the Anabaptist Peace Tradition'' (2007) 

Colleen Hall-Patton, ''Quilters Between the Revivals: The Cultural Context of Quilting 1945-1970'' (2004) 

Valerie Sanders Rake, '''In the Old Days, They Used Scraps': Gender, Leisure, Commodification, and the Mythology of Quiltmaking, Wayne County, Ohio, 1915-1995'' (2000) 

Amanda Grace Sikarskie, ''Fiberspace: At the Intersection of Textiles and Digital Technologies'' (2011)

Yaalieth Adrienne Simpson, ''African-American Female Identity in the 19th Century: The Individual and Cultural Empowerment of Harriet Powers' Bible quilts'' (2003) 

Janneken Smucker, ''From Rags to Riches: Amish Quilts and the Crafting of Value'' (2010)

You can find complete bibliographic information for these and other dissertations at ''State Quilt Documentation &amp;amp; Regional Quilt History: A Selective Bibliography'',</rev>
      <page pageid="1919" ns="0" title="Red Location Museum">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">Physical Location: Corner of Palme and Singaphi Streets, New Brighton
:Port Elizabeth 6200, South Africa
:Tel: 079 694 0607 OR 0414088400

Has three quilts on display in the lobby, a large quilt made to show local landmarks and typical activities in Red Location and two smaller ones that have written and pictorial images related to violence, particular against women.

&quot;This information originally gathered in 2010 by Marsha MacDowell, [[Michigan State University Museum]], during research on quilt history in [[South Africa]] that was supported by a fellowship from the [[International Quilt Study Center]] and Museum at [[University of Nebraska-Lincoln]] with additional in-kind support from [[Michigan State University Museum]].&quot;</rev>