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          <rev user="Justine" timestamp="2012-09-12T18:20:19Z" comment="" contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">Welcome to the Quilt Index wiki! (Click here to: [ Take me back to the Quilt Index!] ) 

This section of the Quilt Index is built on a wiki technology, which allows registered users to help build this resource. If you have information to update this wiki, please contact us so we may create an account for you. &amp;nbsp;Once your account has been activated, you can sign in and contribute to this growing resource. (You may also send directly edits to Quilt Index staff 

There are currently ''[[Special:Allpages|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} pages]]'' included on this wiki. 

Quilt Index staff have brought together information from a variety of sources and set up resource areas for: 

*[[Quilt Documentation Projects]] and Oral Histories 
*[[Quilt Collections]], including museums, libraries, archives, and historical societies in the U.S. and around the world 
*[[Quilt Resources for Educators and Historians]], including [[Quilts &amp; Curriculum]], [[Resources for Quilt Historians]], and much more 
*[[Quilts &amp; Social Media]], with links to quilt blogs, apps, and social networks 
*[[Contributor Resources]], a page for contributors of quilt records to the Quilt Index, as well as those working with QI staff on a project such as the [[Signature Quilt Pilot Project]] or our authored materials

We look forward to your feedback and contributions. Please join us! 

= Quilt Documentation Projects and Oral Histories  =

&lt;big&gt;'''[[Quilt Documentation Projects]]'''&lt;/big&gt; 

Documentation projects are indexed alphabetically by geographic location (state, province or country). Information was initially compiled from a variety of sources including Quilt Index staff contacts, contributions from documentation project leaders, available publications lists (such as, and from the data list in the back of ''Gatherings: America's Quilt Heritage, a project of the [[Museum of the American Quilter's Society]]'' (Now renamed the National Quilt Museum) by Kathlyn F. Sullivan (Paducah:1995). If you have updates to the information or publications listed here, please log in add to this wiki! (or you can send edits to Quilt Index staff). 


&lt;big&gt;'''[[Oral Histories]]'''&lt;/big&gt; 

This section lists sources for oral history material in any format that relate to quilts, quiltmakers and quiltmaking. The list includes projects, films, online presentations, and repositories. If your institution or group is conducting an oral history project related to quilt history, please add your project to the wiki! 

= [[Quilt Collections]]  =

The [[Quilt Collections]] page contains: 

Lists of U.S. and international institutions with quilts and quilt related holdings, including [[Quilt Collections in the United States: alphabetical]] and [[Quilt Collections in the United States: by state]]. 

A comprehensive list of [[Canadian Quilt Collections]]. 

[[QI International]] and [[QI South Africa]], portals for easy access to information on quilt collections and documentation projects outside the U.S. 

A special section on [[Michigan Quilt Collections]] that delves deeply into quilt holdings in the state of Michigan. 

And resources on [[Quilt Barn Trails]]. 

= [[Quilt Resources for Educators and Historians]]  =

Here you'll find information for teachers, including: 

*Our [[Educational Rationale]], [[Lesson Plans]], and our [[Quilts &amp; Curriculum]] guide,

And [[Resources for Quilt Historians]], including: 

*[[Fabric Dating References]], [[Quilt Care]], [[Quilt Appraisers]], [[Glossaries of Quilt-Related Terms]], our [[H-Net Member Portal]], and much more!

Please visit [[Quilt Resources for Educators and Historians]] for our full list of resources for scholars. 

= [[Quilts &amp; Social Media]]  =

&lt;big&gt;'''New!'''&lt;/big&gt; [[Quilts &amp; Social Media]] is our newest wiki resource, with links to quilt blogs, apps, and social networks. 

See also: [[Getting Creative]], a place to collaborate to create online exhibitions of QI quilts and suggest thematic groupings of quilts for the QI site. 

= [[Contributor Resources]]  =

This is the resource page for institutions that have or plan to contribute quilt records to the Index. Here, you can find information on working with us and a glossary of terms for working with KORA, the QI database. There is also info here for individuals who are working with the QI on one of our various projects. 

= [[Getting started]]  =

The [[Getting started]] page has user's guide information about using the wiki software, instructions for creating an account and editing the Quilt Index wiki, directions for adding images to wiki entries, copyright information, and more.