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Contact: Adams County Quilt Project

Documentation Dates: Five days held during the week of April 10-15, 1989; one additional day in May, 1991 (source: Ellie Bennett, Frances Bittle, et. al., The Hands That Made Them: Quilts of Adams County, Pennsylvania,(1993)3, 7.

Parameters: county-wide

Total Quilts: 692 quilts and related objects (page 7 of The Hands That Made Them)

Total Documentation Days (Number of documentation days held): 6

Publication information (if any):

  • Bennett, Ellie; Bittle, Frances; Leas, Doris; Seifert ,June; Shetter, Marion; Small, Carol; Spicer, Barbara. The Hands That Made Them...Quilts of Adams County, Pennslyvania. Adams County Quilt Project. Camp Hill, PA, 1993.

Database: yes (page 8)


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