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Records housed: Sharlot Hall Museum, and the Arizona Quilt Documentation Project

Documentation Dates: 2012 (in progress)

Parameters: statewide, no cut off date

Total Quilts: 800

Total Documentation Days (Number of documentation days held):

Publication information (if any):

  • Frost, Helen Young and Stevenson, Pat Knight. Grand Endeavors, Vintage Arizona Quilts and Their Makers. Northland Publishing, 1992.
  • Hazard, Peggy Jean. Comforts of Home: African-American Quilts in Tucson, Arizona. Thesis in support of the MA degree, University of Arizona, 1993. Adviser: Ellwood C Parry, III. 174 pages.

Database: Is the documentation project a part of the Quilt Index or are records digitized in some database? The quilts are currently being entered into the Quilt Index,

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