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Study Collection: Textiles

"The MAK possesses an unusually rich and diverse collection of textiles whose objects date from late antiquity to the present and range from European to Oriental and East Asian items. This is why only an alternating selection can be presented here annually, even though these items are, particularly in Europe, exemplary of the art history of textiles and for their workmanship and ornamentation techniques.

One of the collection’s focal points is its early acquisition of a group of Coptic garments, that is, textiles of late antiquity excavated from Egyptian graves. Highly valuable medieval textiles are represented by characteristic richly embroidered pieces. They share their origins in professional workshops north of the Alps, and miniature as well as monumental painting inspires their wealth of figurative and ornamental forms. Also exceptional in quality are the late medieval wall carpets or carpet backings, with depictions of the so-called “wild people.”"

Source: MAK,

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