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PATCHWORDS 1992 & PATCHWORDS 1994. RESEARCH PAPERS OF THE CANADIAN QUILT STUDY GROUP. Vol. 1 &2. Nancy Cameron Armstrong, editor. White Rock, British Columbia: Canadian Quilt Study Group. © 1995. (Papers from Volumes 1 & 2 from 1992 symposium and the 1994 symposium were published in one book.).

Conroy, Mary. 300 YEARS OF CANADA'S QUILTS. Toronto: Griffin House ©1976. illus. blk. & white, color. 133pp.

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Scott, Katherine Anne. The Quilters of Goulbourn Township: mediating change and making transformations. Thesis in support of MA degree, Carleton University, Canada, 2002. Advisor: Stan McMullin. 138 pages.

Crossman, Alison Lynn. Framing the quilt: historical and contemporary quilts of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Thesis in support of the MA degree, Concordia University, Canada, 1999. Advisor: Janice Helland. 101 pages.

Roycroft, Michelle. Needling the system: the textile art of Colette Whiten, Barbara Todd, and Ann Newdigate. Thesis in support of the MA degree, Concordia University, Canada, 1996. Advisor: Janice Helland. 122 pages.

Hunt, Gail. Quiltworks Across Canada: Eleven Contemporary Workshops. North Vancouver, BC: Pacific Quiltworks, 1996.

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