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Welcome to the Contributor Resource Page, where we post materials for individuals or organizations that have individual quilt records entered into the Quilt Index! You can view all current contributors here: Contributor Page

Link to Quilt Index KORA Data Entry

Click here to go to Quilt Index KORA log in page

New KORA Self-Guided Tutorial

Click the link below to download a PDF version of the self-guided tutorial for contributors who are adding or editing records using our online quilt record database, KORA. NOTE: The most recent version was edited in May 2012.


FAQs and Resources for All Types of Contributors

Quilt Collection Contributors

  • For contributors of collections of quilts submitted by museums, libraries, documentation projects, or formal collections applications
  • You can find the Quilt Index New Contributor Application form (for formal collections applications) here:

Essay, Gallery and Lesson Plan Authors

  • For authors of content for essays, galleries and lesson plans.

Ephemera Contributors Tutorial Media:QIEphemeraKORAtutorial_August_2011FINAL.pdf‎

Signature Quilt Pilot Project

How do I get a quilt from my project on the front page of the QI? Choose the image you want to add to the random rotation on the front page. Send QI staff the url (such as: along with text that should display for: Title/Pattern, Maker Name, Date or Time Period, Contributor/Project name as it should display on the front page. Tip: The quilt image should be a good photograph, and lend itself to a tight "crop" with no background or whitespace showing.

Can I copy and paste text from a document I have written?

  • Yes, but you have to adjust some settings and save the document as a txt file in order to make sure that you're entering plain text (the system standard is callled "UTF-8") If you type text directly into the KORA online entry form, your text will automatically be UTF-8. If you want to write it into a document first, or convert it from a document you already have, use these instructions: Media:TextEntryInstructions.doc

Update your Contributor Page Text

Check the text on your short description ( and the longer overview text on your dedicated page (click the "Read More" link under your short description to get to your organization's page.

If you would like to update your contributor page text, here's how:

1) Go to your dedicated contributor page by clicking the "Read More" link. For example, for Illinois State Museum the link looks like this:

The set of numbers and letters after the equals sign above (16-B2-0) is the KORA ID, or "kid". (in this case for the ISM record in their project).

2) Find the KID for *YOUR* contributor page and write it down or highlight and copy it.

3) Log in to Quilt Index KORA.

4) Type in or paste your KID into the "View Record" box in the upper right banner and hit enter.

5) This will take you to view the text for your contributor page record. You can read all the text here.

6) Click "edit" to go to edit your contributor page text.

On the first page, "description" is required. This is the short text that shows on the main alphabetical listing with all the other contributors.

On page 3 of data entry, the Overview is the full text on your contributor page.

Type your edits or revisions into the "description" or "overview" boxes.

7) Be sure to click "Submit Data" at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Now you can check your record in KORA and on the live site to be sure it looks as you expected.


1) Do not change your title (which is your organization name), because it will affect searching. Contact us if this is something you need to do or your organization is re-branding.

2) Typing text directly into the boxes is the best method. Copying and pasting text, especially from Microsoft Word documents, can introduce strange characters.

Glossary of Quilt Index and KORA Terms


The Quilt Index operates through MATRIX’s digital library repository, called KORA ( This digital library management system is, in essence, a very large database. KORA works best with the Firefox browser, for both PC and Mac users. You can download Firefox at:


Contributors are organizations that hold quilt collections or quilt documentation surveys. Potential contributors apply to the Quilt Index, and if accepted, either hand-enter their quilt records into KORA or work with the Quilt Index staff to ingest a pre-existing computer database into the Index. Each contributor's records reflect the information gathered and maintained by their organization. For a list of current contributors, see

comprehensive fields

The Quilt Index Comprehensive Fields document contains an inclusive set of descriptive fields that contain necessary information and controlled vocabularies specific to quilt research and study. These terms were developed initially by Michigan State University Museum using quilt documentation forms from pilot sites as well as broader input from many other quilt documentation projects throughout the world. The Comprehensive Fields are formulated as a metadata schema and delivered through the information architecture of MSU's KORA Repository.

core fields

The core fields were those fields that were most used by contributors. In the previous version of KORA, these fields were highlighted in green. We are not differentiating the core fields from the rest of the fields in the new version of KORA.


The Quilt Index system in KORA has entry forms (called schemes) for entering and managing quilt data records.


Contributors have password-protected web pages to access their own records, which they use to enter (ingest), edit and verify data and to upload images.


To upload an image means to add an image to a record without an image. You can also remove uploaded images and add new ones. This process is very similar to attaching an image or document to an email message.


Records can be created with preset values for repeated, identical fields such as organization, copyright, etc. You may create preset records for specific fields, or specific subsets of quilts and then use that "preset" and the preset information will automatically appear at first in the new entry form. Thus the data entry people do not need to type that information every time.

field code

In ‘Ingest Record’ mode in KORA, each field has three basic components. One is the field code, for example “InstNameF003.” It appears on the left-hand side of the interface in bold type.


A field is simply an individual item within the comprehensive fields. For example, the first field is InstNameF003, 'Contributing Institution Name'.


The kid# is the unique identifier number. Each record has its own kid#. The identifier is always listed at the top of the record. It is greenish-brown and underlined, like this: 4-15-2.

Signature Quilt Pilot Project

These are the communication pages for SQP.

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