Country Barn Quilt Trail of Western New York

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"Our quilt trail was established in 2006, when local farmer Lora Partyka (Partyka Farms, Inc.) rallied members of her community in Kendall, NY to work hand-in-hand with her in the creation of a local quilt trail, following the example of other trails in states such as Ohio, Tennesse, Kentucky, and others.

In less than three years the Country Barn Quilt Trail has grown to include more than forty barns and other buildings adorned with handpainted quilt squares throughout the farming communities of Orleans County, near the southern shores of radiant Lake Ontario.

The Village of Kendall continues to be the official center and starting point of the trail, where visitors can pick up free maps, available at the farm market at Partyka Farms and other nearby locations."

The Country Barn Quilt trail features conveniences such as:

Buses Welcome
Step-On Guides
Free Maps
Free Audio Tour

--source: Country Barn Quilt Trail,

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