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Through intensive study of Michigan quilts, the Quilt Index staff hopes to discover:

Is there such a thing as a distinctively Michigan quilt?

Are there any fabrics, patterns, techniques unique to Michigan? If so, how do they reflect a Michigan community or culture?

What is the early history of quilting in Michigan?

How have commercial quilt patterns and regional/national distribution of patterns affected quilting traditions in Michigan?

What do quilts tell us about women in Michigan?

What do quilts tell us about Michigander's responses to local, state, national, and international events?

How do quilts reflect the natural and industrial landscape of Michigan?

How do quilts reflect social, cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious communities in Michigan?

Do Michigan quilts reflect access to information from particular sources (i.e. the Detroit News quilt column or Michigan Farmer) or access to particular equipment (i.e. Wurzberg), patterns or materials?

What was the influence of 4-H or cooperative extension on quiltmaking?

What do Michigan quilts reflect about individual struggles or ideas about living in Michigan?

What will this project tell us about how individuals, museums, or communities value, care for, and use their material cultural history and, in particular, quilts?

What will this project tell us about the relationship of quiltmaking to local economy - through references or connections to fabric and equipment sources, quilt exhibitions, individual testimony of earned income through quilts, stories of quilts as fundraisers, etc.?

What will this project tell us of community building through shared quilt activities?

What kinds of information will Signature quilts tell us about Michigan families or social groups or communal activities?

Will quilts provide primary data that does not exist in other forms of evidence?

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