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The collection of Clothing and Textiles consists of approximately 8,000 pieces of non-military clothing dating from the middle of the 18th century up to the present.

The collection of clothing and textiles includes a number of special sections:

  • liveries from around 1910, worn by servants of the old royal residence in Berlin
  • textiles and clothing from East Germany:
clothing from "Exquisit" stores
"Präsent-20" suits
childrens' and infant clothing
scarves for all sorts of events and celebrations
garments worn by Wilhelm Pieck, Otto Grotewohl, and Walter Ulbricht
sportswear and Olympic clothes of Katarina Witt and Gabriele Seyfert
365 fabric banners (paper banners are part of the Collection of Documents II): 240 are from the November 4, 1989, demonstration on East Berlin's Alexanderplatz (see our internet documentation (in german)), 60 were used during a 1990 demonstration for membership in a unified police union in Berlin, about 50 come from demonstrations of members of the East German Socialist Unity Party (SED) of November and December 1989, and 15 banners belonged to the Berlin section of Greenpeace.
200 ribbons of ceremonial wreathes, placed between 1970 and 1985 on various occasions in East Germany by different persons and organizations.
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