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A place to get creative with the Quilt Index!

Collaborative Exhibitions

The collaborative exhibitions area below is a place where Quilt Index wiki users can propose themes and individual quilts in the Index for a future online exhibit in the Quilt Index gallery area,

PLEASE sign your posts in this area by typing four tildes and then your user name (with no space between the two).

One idea: a Holiday-themed exhibit. We could focus on a particular holiday for which there are many relevant quilts in the Index, like Christmas or Halloween, or we could tackle the topic of holidays broadly.


Amanda.sikarskie 12:30, 15 October 2008 (EDT)Amanda.sikarskie

Other ideas:

Theme & Pattern Ideas for Browsing on the QI Site

If you have a favorite quirky pattern name, please let us know by adding the name(s) to our wiki page Quirky Pattern Names. There, you can list unusual or unique pattern names that did not make it onto the QI site's browse page and link the pattern names to QI quilts. Some of our favorite user-selected pattern names will eventually appear on the main Quilt Index site!

Similarly, if you have a thematic grouping of quilts to suggest for the Quilt Index, (example: bugs and insects quilts), please let us know on our wiki page Quilt Themes. On the Quilt Themes page, you can propose themes and QI quilts that fit those themes, as well as get feedback from other Quilt Index users. Some of our favorite user-generated themes will eventually appear on the main QI site!


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