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About the center...

The Great Lakes Quilt Center has evolved from the sustained and significant quilt-related activities and resources at the Michigan State University Museum and the museum's long-standing interest in and commitment to preserving and presenting traditional arts history. The Michigan Quilt Project, begun at the museum in 1984, not only spearheaded the documentation of the state's quilting history, but also stimulated interest in strengthening the museum's quilt collection, upgrading its care, and expanding its use.

Goals of the Great Lakes Quilt Center...

The primary goals of the center are to:

record oral and written history documenting quilting and the personal histories of quiltmakers
expand and maintain a research collection of information on Great Lakes quilting
initiate educational and exhibition programs to bring quilting history to a wider audience
increase awareness of textile conservation issues and support preservation efforts of endangered textiles
identify and recognize quilters and quilting traditions from diverse regional, social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds
honor outstanding individual quilters and quilt groups through the Michigan Heritage Awards and other programs
support the continuation of traditional quilting styles and practices through the Michigan Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program
publish information on Great Lakes quilts, quilters, and quilting
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