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Contact: Early American Museum AGSG Drawer 669, Mahmoet, IL 61853, 217-586-2612

Records housed: The full set of documentation records from the Illinois Quilt Research Project are located in the Early American Musuem in Mahomoet, IL.

Documentation Dates: 1986 (completed), 1988-1991 (completed), 2001 to the present (in progress)

Parameters: statewide, no cut-off date for quilts

Total Quilts: 15,809 as of 1991, an additional 3,000 were added in 1994

Total Documentation Days (Number of documentation days held): 30

Publication information (if any):

  • Barber, Rita Barro. Somewhere in Between, Quilts and Quilters of Illinois. American Quilters Society, 1996
  • Elbert, E. Duane, Elbert, Rachel Kamm. History From the Heart, Quilt Paths Across Illinois. Rutledge Hill Press, 1993.
  • Wass, Jan T.. ed. Connecting Stitches: Quilts in Illinois Life. Symposium papers, Illinois State Museum, 1995
  • Wass, Janice Tauer. Illinois Amish Quilts: Sharing Threads of Tradition. Springfield, IL: Illinois State Museum, 2004.

Database: Quilts owned by the Illinois State Museum and documented by the IQRP were submitted to the Quilt Index as part of its first pilot of quilt data collections,


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