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Contact: Beth Donaldson, donald20@msu.edu

Records housed: Michigan Traditional Arts Project, Michigan State University Museum 

Documentation Dates: 1984 - present

Parameters: Quilts--regardless of age, technique, or original provenance--that were made in Michigan or by a Michigander or have meaning to a Michigander or Michigan organization.

Total Quilts: over 10,000

Total Documentation Days: over 75

Publication information (if any):

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  • MacDowell, Marsha, ed. American Quilts from Michigan State University Museum. Kokusai Art, Tokyo, Japan, 2003.
  • MacDowell, Marsha, ed. Great Lakes, Great Quilts. C&T Publishing, Lafayette, CA, 2001.
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  • MacDowell, Marsha and Fitzgerald, Ruth. Michigan Quilts: 150 Years of a Textile Tradition. East Lansing, Michigan: Michigan State University Museum, 1987.
  • Marston, Gwen, Cunningham, Joe. Mary Schafer and Her Quilts. Michigan State University Museum Press, 1990.
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  • Swanson, Lynne, MacDowell, Marsha. Quilts from the Albert and Merry Silber Collection. MSU Museum, East Lansing, MI, 1988.

Database: The Michigan Quilt Project records were the first records in the Quilt Index, http://www.quiltindex.org/contributor.php?kid=1E-B9-0.


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