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This Scavenger Hunt is a great way to become better acquainted with both using the various searching and browsing options available on the Quilt Index and with Michigan’s history and quilting traditions. Eventually, researchers hope to be able to answer the question: Is there such a thing as a distinctively Michigan quilt?

Directions: Use the Quilt Index to find one example of each type of quilt listed, and copy and paste its thumbnail image, its title and/or pattern name, maker (if known), date (if known), time period, location made, construction, and quilting techniques. Remember to use only quilts made in MICHIGAN for this scavenger hunt and not to use the same quilt more than once!

You may either complete this Scavenger Hunt on your own by downloading it as a PDF document here: Media:MichiganQuiltScavengerHunt.pdf OR you may work on the Scavenger Hunt collaboratively with others by editing this wiki page. If you are unsure how to add images to the wiki, see the Getting started guide on the Quilt Index wiki main page.

The first is done for you as an example. Good luck!

Quilts by Region

One Odawa quilt from Peshawbestown, Michigan:

Star of Bethlehem, Lone Star w/ floral appliqué Top
Quilted By: David, Anna
Period: 1901-1929
Date: ca 1920
Location Made: Peshawbestown, Michigan
Construction: Hand Piecing, Hand Appliqué
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting

One additional quilt from the Grand Traverse / Leelanau Peninsula region:

One quilt from the Upper Peninsula:

One quilt from southwest Michigan:

One quilt from Idlewild, an African American resort in west Michigan, or from Remus, Michigan, the neighboring community:

One quilt from the greater Lansing area:

One quilt made from a pattern published in the Detroit News:

One other quilt from the Detroit area:

Quilts made for personal expression, contests and community and historical events

Two quilts made to commemorate a state or community milestone, such as a centennial, bicentennial or sesquicentennial:

One quilt made to commemorate an event, site or person at Michigan State University:

Three quilts made to celebrate the flora, fauna or natural resources of Michigan:

One quilt made as a contest entry:

One quilt made as a community fundraiser:

One quilt that is linked to labor history or worker's culture:

One quilt that is linked to multiple generations of a Michigan family involved in quiltmaking:

Popular Patterns

One log cabin quilt:

One nine patch quilt:

One Star of Bethlehem quilt:

One Dresden Plate quilt:

One Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt:

One Grandmother’s Fan quilt:

One Sunbonnet Sue quilt:

One scandalous Sunbonnet Sue quilt:

Quilt collections at the Michigan State University Museum

One quilt from the Michigan African American Quilt Collection:

One Hmong Appliqué quilt:

One quilt from the Mary Schafer Quilt and Ephemera Collection that was MADE by Mary Schafer:

One quilt from the Mary Schafer Quilt and Ephemera Collection that was COLLECTED by Mary Schafer:

One quilt from the Clarke Family Quilt Collection:

One quilt from the Kitty Clark Cole Quilt Collection:

One quilt from the Durkee-Blakeslee-Quarton-Hoard Family Quilt Collection:

One quilt from the Deborah Harding Redwork Collection:

One quilt from the North American Indian and Native Hawaiian Quilt Collection (remember to choose a quilt that was made in Michigan):

One reproduction of a historic quilt that was made for the exhibition Great Lakes, Great Quilts:

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