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About the Quilts Collection

"Intricate stitching, precise piecing, bold colors and pleasing patterns are all elements found in quilts made between the end of the 18th century and the end of the 20th century. These elements are present in the quilts of the Minnesota Historical Society's collection documenting Minnesota's strong textile traditions from its early statehood days to the present. Over 200 quilts made and used in Minnesota or brought to the area by early settlers comprise this ever growing collection.

The objects from the Quilts Collection represent a sample of the broad spectrum of items that will be available and are now accessible through the library catalog. Each description contains a link to an image of the object."

Ordering Information

Photograph copies of the objects may be ordered by submitting a Photograph Order form to the Society's Collections Department. Permission and license to use photographic reproductions is granted via a Request for Permission form and may involve a use fee for commercial use. Please check the Artifact Collection price list for other available services as well as current pricing.

source: MHS, http://www.mnhs.org/collections/museum/quilts/quilts.htm

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