Musée d'Impression sur Etoffes (Museum of Printed Textiles)

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"In 1833, a group of textile manufacturers based in and around Mulhouse formed an Industrial Society known as the "Societé Industrielle". They decided to collectively archive the designs they produced. In order to complement their own personal collections they added designs from other countries, and from earlier times. This collection grew in importance to become what is today the premier collection of printed textiles in the world. The original purpose of this design collection was to inspire artists and designers of the time by introducing them to new and different patterns and styles. This long established history of sharing ideas continues today in the form of the textile research room, the S.U.D. More than 3 million samples are housed here, spanning three centuries of design history. In addition to the S.U.D the library of around 9000 volumes welcomes researchers and students.

The Museum's vocation is to understand and make known to as many people as possible the history and technique of printed textiles. Decorative Art Museum, Industrial Museum, Local History or Museum of Fashion, the Museum of Printed Textiles is situated somewhere between memory and creation. To accomplish it's mission the Museum's first priority is to preserve the history and practice of printed textiles. Secondly, to share this with as many people as possible. Focusing on every aspect of the art and craft of textile design, the Museum's rich history in qualitative as well as quantitative terms is it's strength. The many, varied and innovative services to the public include : Temporary exhibitions, publications, demonstrations of hand and machine printing techniques, creative workshops for children and adults. Guided tours are available in English, French German and Italian. The Museum Shop and tea room are open to the public free of charge."

source--The Museum of Printed Textiles,

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