Nevada State Heritage Quilt Project

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Contact: Nevada Historical Society - Reno

Documentation Dates: 1987 (in process)

Parameters: statewide, no cut-off date

Total Quilts: 3,000 (est.)

Total Documentation Days (Number of documentation days held): 19

Publication information (if any):

  • Hall-Patton, Colleen. "Quilting in Nevada, 1940-1970. The Nevada Heritage Quilt Project," Nevada Historical Society Quarterly (49:4), 2006.
  • Hall-Patton, Colleen. Quilters Between the Revivals: The Cultural Context of Quilting, 1945-1970. A dissertation in partial fulfillment of the PhD, University of Nevada, 2004. Advisor: Barbara Brents. 348 pages.
  • Feazell, Shelly. Nevada Quilts: A Material History Perspective. 1995.

Database: Is the documentation project a part of the Quilt Index or are records digitized in some database? Please describe.


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