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Welcome to the Quilt Index wiki community portal. This is the place to find out what is happening on wiki. Learn what tasks need to be done to improve this wiki or get or post news about recent events or current activities taking place in the quilt world.

You might be looking for...

  • Signature Quilt Pilot Project
  • Answers for questions about factual topics related to quilts: please return to the main page, and click on ‘quilt documentation projects,’ ‘museums, libraries, archives, historical societies,’ or ‘oral histories’ to learn more.
  • A place to discuss issues with other Quilt Index wiki users: for discussion of specific articles in this wiki, click ‘discussion’ at the top of any article page. For general discussion about the wiki, quilts, and quilt history, please use the community discussion area below.
  • A place to post quilt-related news and events: The community bulletin board is the place to share quilt and quilt-history related news and events with the quilt community.
  • The place to participate in the Alliance for American Quilts 2009 online collaborative exhibition: See Alliance for American Quilts crazy quilt collaborative exhibition space.
  • Ways to help fellow quilters and quilt scholars to improve the Quilt Index wiki: see the ‘help out’ section below for a list of ways to improve current articles, as well as a list of articles that should be created in the future.
  • Help with an aspect of the wiki: see the getting started section of the main page or the help section below.

Community discussion

PLEASE sign your posts in this area by typing four tildes and then your user name (with no space between the two).

I'm looking for any themes that can be traced across many quilts in the Quilt Index. I've started a Holidays idea below in the Collaborative exhibition section but I'd really like to find others as well. What are some groupings or themes that quilts in the Index can sorted into for the purposes of exhibits for essays? If you think of anything, please let me know your thoughts here. Thanks. Amanda.sikarskie 12:18, 15 October 2008 (EDT)Amanda.sikarskie

Community bulletin board

PLEASE sign your posts in this area by typing four tildes and then your user name (with no space between the two).

New! Check out the new section of the wiki on Michigan Quilt Collections! Amanda.sikarskie 12:39, 5 December 2008 (EST)

Become a fan of the Quilt Index on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Quilt-Index/30577069589 Amanda.sikarskie 15:24, 10 November 2008 (EST)

Alliance for American Quilts crazy quilt collaborative exhibition space

  • Click the link above to view or participate in the Alliance's collaborative exhibition.

Help out

There are several pages that are waiting to be populated with content by wiki users like you! You can find them at Special:Wanted pages. Amanda.sikarskie 11:35, 9 December 2008 (EST)

We need ideas for future exhibits and essays for the Quilt Index exhibit hall. Please post your ideas to the community portal of this wiki, or email your ideas to the Quilt Index staff. Amanda.sikarskie 15:47, 10 November 2008 (EST)

Guidelines, help, resources

(This content also appears at the botton of the Main Page.)

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

There are two ways to contribute to this Wiki:

  • 1. You can create a log in and update the information yourself.
  • 2. Or you can send your update or entry to the Quilt Index staff via email and we will update the Wiki for you.

Some simple pointers to remember as you enter text and edit the wiki are:

  • 1. For the most part, you enter text normally--updating the Wiki is actually pretty easy!
    • If you are unfamiliar with wikis, you may want to watch the video [| Wikis in Plain English] before you begin--it provides a good background about what wikis are and how they work.
  • 2. Using the equals sign at the beginning and end of a word or phrase will make the word or phrase a large font heading.
  • 3. Links to other web pages are automatically created when you type a full url.
  • 4. To create a bulleted list, simply type an asterisk in front of each list item. To make sublists (lists within lists), simply type two asterisks at the beginning of each list item.
  • 5. PLEASE do not alter the names of any titles appearing in purple without consulting the Quilt Index staff--doing this breaks links and makes it impossible to navigate to the page!!!
  • 6. To sign a post (optional), type four tildes and then your user name (with no space between the two).
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