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Directions: Find one example of each type of quilt on the Quilt Index, and copy and paste its thumbnail image and its title and/or pattern name, maker (if known), date (if known), time period, location made, construction, and quilting techniques.

You may either complete this Scavenger Hunt on your own by downloading it as a PDF document: Media:QuiltIndexScavengerHunt.pdf OR you may work on the Scavenger Hunt collaboratively with others online by editing this wiki page. If you are unsure how to add images to the wiki, see the Getting started guide.

The first is done for you as an example. Good luck!

Construction Techniques

One wholecloth quilt:

Pattern Names: Whitework
Period: 1800-1849
Date: early 19th century
Location Made: Virginia (VA) USA
Construction: Hand Piecing, Dimensional applique, stuffed work, cording
Quilting Techniques: Hand quilting, Corded, Stuffed work

One redwork quilt:

One appliqué quilt:

One crazy quilt:

One quilt pieced with hexagons:

Historical Dyes & Fabrics

One quilt made from feedsacks:

One quilt from the 1930s that is a good example of the pastel fabric colors which were popular in that era:

One quilt that has examples of “turkey” red:

One quilt that has examples of “madder” brown:

One quilt that has examples of mourning prints:

One quilt that has examples of “double pinks”:

Popular Patterns

One log cabin quilt:

One nine patch quilt:

One Baltimore Album quilt:

One Whig Rose quilt:

One Star of Bethlehem quilt:

One Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt:

One Sunbonnet Sue quilt other than The Sun Sets on Sunbonnet Sue:

Quilts made for personal expression, contests and events

One quilt that is an example of political expression:

One quilt made to compete in a contest:

One quilt made as a community fundraiser:

One “art” quilt made in the past five years:

Other Quilting Traditions

One Amish quilt:

One African American quilt:

One American Indian quilt:

One Native Hawaiian quilt:

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