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All of these titles can be found in print. URLs are provided when they can be accessed online.

19th Century

"Patty's Patchwork" by Louisa May Alcott. In Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag, (1871)

"A Quilting Bee (Party) in Our Village" by Mary E. Wilkins, From The Ladies' Home Journal Vol. XIV No. 3 (February, 1897)

Also by Mary E. Wilkins (Thanks to Jeff Kaylin for the references and descriptions):

"Honest Soul" From A Humble Romance and Other Stories (Harper and Brothers; New York: 1887) (JK: "a short story of a woman working on two quilts at the same time")

"Ann Lizys Patchwork" From Young Lucretia and Other Stories (Harper & Brothers; New York: 1892)(JK: "a childrens' short story of a girl who would rather play than work on her patchwork")

"Patchwork School" From The Pot Of Gold (D. Lothrop Company; Boston: 1892)(JK:"a childrens' short story where delinquents are sent to a patchwork school")

"Reign of the Doll" From The Givers (Harper and Brothers; New York: 1904)(JK:"a not-so-short story, not really quilting, but my favorite story of a doll which shows up (mistakenly?) near Christmas, and the old women who make clothes for it, reconciling their squabbles")

20th Century

"Trifles" by Susan Glaspell, (1916)

"Everyday Use" by Alice Walker, (1973)


A Patchwork of Pieces: An Anthology of Early Quilt Stories, 1845-1940, Cuesta Benberry (ed.), 1994

Quilts in Literature

Quilts in Literature

"Quilts and Children's Literature" by Carol Otis Hurst

Quilt Stories, Cecilia Macheski (ed.), 1994

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