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A large collection of Alberta-made quilts and over 300 Oral Histories.

The Royal Alberta Museum (RAM) is located in Edmonton and is Alberta’s provincial museum. The Royal Alberta Museum opened to the public on December 6, 1967 during Canada’s centennial year. The RAM has thirteen different programs allocated to the following three broad categories; Cultural Studies, Earth Sciences and Life Sciences. The museum’s mission is to preserve and tell the story of Alberta - the experience of people and places over time - and inspire Albertans to explore and understand the world around them.

The Western Canadian History Program, under the Cultural Studies umbrella, focuses on Alberta's social, industrial, domestic and decorative arts history from 1870 to the present. The collections are wide-ranging and diverse, but areas of special strength include medical equipment, ceramics and glassware, toys and recreational equipment, communications technology (from radios to computers), home furnishings and costumes and textiles.

The Royal Alberta Quilt Collection houses 75+ quilts dating from the 1880s to the present and associated with Alberta’s history. These quilts include doll quilts, crib quilts, bed quilts, hand pieced & quilted, machine pieced & hand quilted, machine pieced and quilted, whole-cloth quilts, traditional quilts, contemporary quilts, signature quilts, commemorative quilts, crazy quilts, utility quilts, cigarette silk quilts, prize winning quilts, Red Cross quilts (WWI & WWII) and art quilts.

The Alberta Quilt Project was initiated in 2009. The Western Canadian History (WCH) Program embarked on an Alberta Craft Research Initiative to document the material culture of craft production within the Alberta context. This research project addresses the history of craft development in the areas of studio pottery, hand weaving and quilting.

The Alberta Quilt Project, a component of this research initiative, looks at • contemporary quilts made in Alberta over the last 25 years and, • heritage quilts made in Alberta or brought by immigrants to Alberta.

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