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Welcome to the Signature Quilt Project Training Call, June 2009

If you are viewing this screen but not yet on the phone, please call the conference number:  866.740.1260 and use the access code 5050379 when prompted. Thanks. We will get started a few minutes after 1pm.


1pm Welcome and introductions

  • Mary Worrall (MSUM, Michigan)
  • Justine Richardson (MATRIX, Michigan State, working from home in Canada)
  • Quilt Index (3 partners, AAQ, MSUM, MATRIX, many years and many people involved in developing, Many contributors with quilts online, majority of building and development up to now from grants from NEH and IMLS, for Signature Quilt pilot project, Thanks to IMLS and Salser Foundation,)

Training will show you how to:

  • create an account & log into the repository system,
  • add a new record,
  • upload an image,
  • edit an existing record.

1:15 Signature Quilt Pilot Project page (wiki) http://www2.matrix.msu.edu/~quilti/wiki/index.php/Signature_Quilt_Pilot_Project

1:20 Create an account and log into KORA

1:30 Ingest a record/Review of Form Fields

  • 1) Basic Fields
  • 2) Inscription Information
  • 3) Technical Information
  • 4) Submitter information
  • 5) Administrative Page (do not edit)

2:05 Upload an Image

2:15 Edit an Existing Record

2:25 Conclusion

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