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Contact: Virginia Quilt Museum

Documentation Dates: May 1985

Parameters: regional, cut-off date of 1985

Total Quilts: 1,000 (est.)

Total Documentation Days (Number of documentation days held): 12

Publication information (if any):

  • Allen, Gloria Seaman Curator. First Flowers: Early Virginia Quilts. July 20-Oct 18, 1987.
  • Carter, Hazel. Virginia Quilts: First Search for Virginia Made Quilts, Beginning in Northern Virginia, 1987.
  • Knight, Joan. Virginia Quilt Museum. Howell Press, Charlottesville, VA, 2002.
  • Pellman, Phyllis. Quilts from Two Valleys-Amish Quilts from the Big Valley, Mennonite Quilts from the Shenandoah Valley. Good Books, Intercourse, PA, 1999.

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