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  • According to its mission statement, the Virginia Quilt Museum seeks to:
    • Serve as a repository for quilts of historical, aesthetic or technical significance, focusing on those produced or located in the Mid-Atlanta area.
    • Educate the public about the history and significance of quilting as an expressive medium through exhibit and interpretations of its collection, and through other special exhibits, related classes, seminars and study opportunities.
    • Serve as a resource center for the study of quilts and maintain supporting materials and documentation to aid in research and documentation.
    • Encourage the continued documentation and conservation of quilts through its maintenance of the records of the Virginia Quilt Project and its encouragement of continued quilt documentation in the Mid-Atlantic region, and through educational efforts about the significance of quilts and their care.
    • Encourage the continued practice of quilting by the teaching of technical skills through classes and publications, by providing examples of excellence through its exhibitions and by offering the public opportunities to view significant work by contemporary quilt artists.
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