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Community members can get involved in several ways:

By hosting a quilt square on their barn or building
By sponsoring quilt squares or painting teams
By being part of a painting and/or installation team
By volunteering use of a truck and/or lift to assist with the installation

Criteria for Placement

  • Suitable for the trail: Historic barns (or, upon inspection & approval, other farm buildings such as smokehouses, packhouses, corncribs) that are at least 50 years old; on hard surface roads; visible from either direction; and on building sites that are active, well-kept farms.
  • The block must stay up for at least 2 years.
  • The block must not be altered once it is chosen and painted.
  • The owner of the building must agree to allow the building to be photographed by the public from the roadside and allow photos to be used in advertising of the quilt trail.
  • The owner of the building does not have to allow public access to onto the property where the quilt block is located and may post signs accordingly, but is encouraged to be friendly about this.
  • If the owner of the building rents, leases, sells or otherwise conveys the property during the 2 year duration they agree to notify us here at the website. If necessary we will be allowed to remove the quilt block to avoid damage to it.
  • The owner of the building agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Billet-Doux Farm, as well as its officers, agents and employees for and against any losses and causes of action.
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