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"There are over 38,000 objects in the collections at the Yakima Valley Museum and over 40,000 documents and photographs in the Archives and Research Library.

The Yakima Valley Museum has an extensive collection of American Indian art, crafts, and artifacts, focusing especially on the tribes and bands of the nearby Yakama Nation Indian Reservation and neighboring cultures of the plateau region. Many rare examples of beadwork, basketry, woven bags, parfleches, costume, and other objects can be seen throughout the exhibitions, illustrating stories of history, home life, and subsistence technology.

The museum houses one of the largest collections of wagons, carriages, and early motorized vehicles west of the Mississippi. These unique vehicles can be seen throughout the exhibitions, illustrating social and technological development of the region.

The museum's collection of clothing and costume spans two centuries—a constantly growing selection of over 10,000 garments and clothing accessories provide an authentic record of work and leisure clothes, as well as high-style fashion, ethnic costume, and special event and ritual garments.

A collection of orchard equipment and related agricultural objects traces the history of agriculture in the Valley, from the earliest irrigated gardens planted by the Yakama Indians to the modern tree fruit and produce industry that has made the Yakima Valley the "fruitbowl of the nation." Collections of historic tools, appliances, furniture, and household items document Yakima Valley's material culture from the mid-19th century to the present.

The museum's collection of natural history specimens contains taxidermy mounts of regional wildlife, geology and botany specimens, and fossil evidence of past environments and animal life in the region.

A growing collection of artwork by regional artists, past and present, offers a view of the Valley as seen through the eyes of the artist."

source: Yakima Valley Museum, http://www.yakimavalleymuseum.org/description.cfm

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