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The libraries and archives of the American Quilt Study Group include patterns and papers relevant to quilt history.

  • American Quilt Study Group, Records and Research Files
  • Mercy Jane Bancroft, Diaries
  • Dorothy Bettis, Papers
  • Susan Bradford, Collection on Quilts
  • Diana Church, Papers
  • Xenia Cord, Papers
  • Dorothy Cozart, Collection on Quilts
  • Rose Marie Eisner, Collection on Quilts
  • Marion W. Esposito, Quilt Pattern Collection
  • Ferrero-Silber, Papers
  • Sally Garoutte, Papers
  • Jonathan Holstein, Papers
  • Candace McCann, Collection on Quilts
  • Penny McMorris, Papers
  • Florence Peto, Papers
  • Quilt Symposium '77, Records
  • Bets Ramsey, Papers
  • Wyn Reddall, Papers
  • Meredith Rials, Collection on Quilts
  • Mary Stoddard, Collection on Quilts
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